Order of proceedings

Generally the ceremony will consist of the conferring of an honorary degree, an address to the graduands, and the issuance of special awards, followed by the conferring of degrees, diplomas, and certificates by the Chancellor.

The conferring of degrees will begin approximately 30 – 40 minutes after the Opening of Convocation by the President of the University.

  1. You will rise when called upon to do so, and you will be directed by the Marshals to advance (in the order in which you are seated) up the aisle to the stairs located on the left side of the platform.
  2. The Presenter will meet you at the top of the stairs to announce your name. When meeting him, hand him your procession card (the one you picked up at the “Help Desk”). The 'phonetic pronunciation' space on the card should be completed if you feel it will help the Presenter announce your name correctly.
  3. Face the audience as soon as you have handed the Presenter your card.
  4. After your name has been read aloud, you will cross the stage to shake hands with the Chancellor and then continue across the stage where you will receive your parchment from the appropriate Dean or Director of your Faculty/School/Division. **A photograph will be taken of you as you receive your degree.
  5. You will then descend the stairs and be directed back to your seat by the Marshals.
  6. Out of consideration for those yet to receive their parchments, after you receive yours, please refrain from engaging in conversation and stay in your seat for the remainder of the ceremony, unless an emergency situation arises.

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