Attending Convocation – Information for Grads

The ceremonies will be held in the Investors Group Athletic Centre (IGAC). All graduands report to the James Daly Field House (Max Bell Centre) for assembly; the procession into IGAC begins at the start time of the ceremony. Please also see Frequently Asked Questions about Graduation and Convocation.

What time should I arrive?

You should report to the James Daly Field House (Max Bell Centre) 1 ½ hours before your Convocation ceremony. Early arrival will allow you time to review the pronunciation of your name with the Presenter and, should you choose to purchase them, time for individual professional portraits to be taken. For more information, see Souvenirs & Photos.

To avoid congestion, family and friends should use the designated entrance to the Investors Group Athletic Centre (wheelchair accessible); they should not accompany you to the Field House.

  1. Please line up by last name according to the signs to pick up your procession card (please have photo ID with you). The procession card will have your name, the degree you are receiving, and a number which indicates your place in line.
  2. You will then proceed to the Gaspard table to pick up your gown, hood, and mortarboard. The academic attire is distributed by order.
  3. After you are dressed in your academic attire, proceed to the appropriate area for the numerical organization of your group. PLEASE REMAIN IN YOUR ASSIGNED POSITION FOR THE REST OF YOUR TIME IN THE FIELD HOUSE AND FOR THE PROCESSION INTO IGAC.

What should I wear?

The convocation ceremony is a formal occasion, so dress clothes would be appropriate. However, keep in mind that the academic gowns can be warm. We recommend that you do not wear suit jackets, sports coats, or heavy sweaters under your gown. For safety reasons, we also recommend shoes with a lower heel. The length of the gowns is mid-knee to mid-calf.  Please note the following academic regalia guidelines.

University of Manitoba academic regalia guidelines

As the Convocation ceremony is a traditional and formal event, graduands shall wear only the University-approved regalia to participate in the Convocation ceremonies.

During the Convocation ceremony, graduands will not be permitted to wear ornamentation on the academic regalia or to carry personal belongings across the stage, including but not limited to:

  • corsages and boutonnieres
  • fraternity or sorority adornments
  • flowers
  • purses or bags
  • jackets

On February 3, 2016, the Senate of the University of Manitoba, on the recommendation of the Senate Committee on Academic Dress, approved the Indigenous graduation stole as presented to Indigenous graduands at the University's Annual Traditional Graduation Pow Wow to be worn with academic regalia during the Convocation ceremony. For more information regarding the Indigenous graduation stole, please contact the Indigenous Student Centre.

How will they know how to pronounce my name?

There is a "phonetic pronunciation" space on the bottom of the procession card. If you feel it will help the Presenter announce your name correctly before you cross the stage, please fill it in. While you are in line in the Field House, the Presenter will circulate among the graduands to consult with you about the correct pronunciation of your name.

What if I have Accessibility concerns?

Please contact Student Accessibility Services for assistance with accommodation (i.e. seating, sign language interpretation) preferably two weeks in advance. Student Accessibility Services at 204-474-6213 or email

What if I'm On Hold?

** If for any reason there is a 'Hold' placed on your records (exception is the graduation hold), you will graduate but WILL NOT receive your parchment at the Convocation – please check your Aurora records. Make sure that all library materials are returned to the libraries and any outstanding fines or charges are paid prior to graduation, that any outstanding tuition balances have been paid, that all parking tickets are paid, or that any other holds have been cleared. All graduates will have a Graduation hold. This hold is in place only to prevent registration; you will still receive your parchment. The Registrar's Office will retain "on-hold" parchments for 12 months to afford graduates the opportunity to clear holds.

Where should I park?

  • Free parking is available in 'U' Lot off Chancellor Matheson Rd and in 'Q' Lot on Dysart Rd, across from St. Paul's College.
  • The public parkade (located on Ralph Campbell Rd. off Sidney Smith St.) is available for parking, but you will be charged an hourly rate.
  • Handicapped parking will be available in 'P' Lot on Sidney Smith St. University Security Services staff will be on hand to assist in directing drivers to the handicapped area.

A map detailing the location of Convocation Parking Lots, and where the Investor's Group Athletic Centre is in relation to the other buildings on campus.

How long is the ceremony?

Depending upon the number of graduates in the ceremony, the length of the speeches, and the number of special awards granted at convocation, the length of the ceremonies can vary. Generally speaking, you can expect the ceremony to last approximately 2 – 2 ½ hours.

What happens after the ceremony?

At the end of each ceremony graduates will process out of IGAC to a reception area. This is an excellent location to arrange to meet your family and friends. Do not arrange to meet at the exit doors of IGAC as this area must be kept clear.

You will return your gown and hood to the Gaspard desk where you picked it up. If you do not return your gown and hood, you will be liable to pay the full value (plus taxes) as listed below.

Gown Hood/Sash
Doctor of Philosophy $470.00 $135.00
MD, DMD, Masters $125.00 $69.00
Bachelors $95.00 $62.00
Diplomas and Certificates $95.00 $12.95

A photo of a student holding is his parchment.What souvenirs and photos can I buy?

Portrait Photography During Convocation

Artona will be set up in the Max Bell Centre on the day of convocation for individual and family portrait sessions before and after each ceremony. You'll be photographed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Photos of you receiving your parchment

REMEMBER THIS DAY FOREVER! Alumni Relations has teamed up with professional photographers from Artona Group Inc. to help you remember this important occasion!  A photographer will be at Convocation to capture a photo of you as you receive your parchment.Photo of student holding parchment with the Dean of the Faculty

IMPORTANT: To receive the previews and order information you must select Yes to the Additional Question on the order form when reserving your academic attire.

Photo previews and order information will be emailed to you directly if you opted-in during Convocation registration. For more information,  please contact Artona Group Inc at or 1-800-668-3866.

FYI…Did you graduate between fall 2014 – fall 2015? Please contact GradImages at 1-800-372-3686 or to order your photos.

Degree Frames

You've worked hard to earn your degree, now display it with pride! Degree frames are a great way to display your accomplishments. Frames feature the University of Manitoba crest or logo, are manufactured in Canada, and help to support important alumni programming.

They will be available for purchase at your ceremony as well as online at or throughout the year at either Fort Garry or Bannatyne Campus BookStores.

Memorabilia of your days with the University of Manitoba

If you would like other items to remember your time here, you can purchase a wide variety of mementos from the University of Manitoba BookStore. You can find such items as lapel pins and watches, plush toy bears and bison, sweatshirts and t-shirts, and even the popular furry bison hat!

You can visit the BookStore website ( to see just some of the merchandise available.

Class rings

Josten's Canada works through the BookStore to offer class rings. Visit the BookStore for more information.

What if I didn't register for the ceremony?

Please review the information about attending Convocation after missing the date for online registration.

Updated March 25, 2019.

Live Streaming

Order Your University of Manitoba Degree Frame Online, or Buy Your Degree Frame Right at Convocation