New Student Orientation


What is Orientation?

Orientation is an event for all new students to learn about their upcoming experience at the University of Manitoba. Orientation opportunities include meeting classmates, a campus tour, student success and academic sessions, and special events with various on campus services and departments who are here to help you!


When will I hear more about Orientation?

For Fall Orientation 2018, you will receive information in August 2018.

For Winter Orientation 2019, email invitations will be sent in November 2018.

You can also stay in the loop by checking out our website periodically. Orientation is shaping up to be an awesome event, so make sure you know what's happening so you don't miss any of the action!


When is Orientation?

Fall Orientation 2018 will be held on September 4, 2018.

Winter Orientation 2019 will be held Friday, January 4, 2019.


Do I need to come to Orientation?

Yes! All first year students should attend Orientation. The information presented during Orientation is critical to your success in your academic career, and this event will help you become more comfortable with your new surroundings.


How do I register for Orientation?

For Fall 2018, information will be available in August 2018.

For Winter 2019, information will be available in November 2018.


What will I do during Orientation?

Information for Fall 2018 will be posted in August 2018.

Information for Winter 2019 will be posted in November 2018.


How will I know where to go for my sessions?

Information about where to arrive on campus for Fall Orientation 2018 will be posted in August 2018.

Information about where to arrive on campus for Winter Orientation 2019 will be posted in December 2018.

Once you're here, you can always ask one of our volunteers in gold shirts too!


What Can I Do Before Orientation?

If you're unsure what to do before you start classes, you can:


I am a Mature Student and cannot attend the daytime Fall Orientation. Is there another option?

Yes! There is an evening Fall Mature Student Orientation which will be offered in August 2018.

All new students who are registered as a mature/transfer student have the option of coming to the alternative session. Mature Orientation will cover specific topics that apply directly to your student status, and will provide you with the necessary information to help you with your time at the University of Manitoba.

*Note: Some of the aspects covered in the day-time Orientation will not be covered in the alternative session.


Who organizes Orientation?

Orientation is planned by University of Manitoba staff and students who are passionate about the importance of a new student's orientation experience. Months of planning goes into this event to make sure that you have the best experience possible!


Can I bring my friends and/or family to Orientation?

Friends and/or family who are not new University of Manitoba students (including U1, Direct Entry and/or Mature/Transfer Students) are not invited to Orientation. We have designed this event to be information specific to new students that fit under one of the above categories. Also, while we love that you want to share this experience with friends and family, Orientation is an opportunity for you to meet new people, and get to know your classmates and/or college/faculty colleagues.


Can I get a Campus Tour?

If you are a new student starting at the University in Fall 2018 you'll have the opportunity to join at tour at Orientation, or you can sign-up for a tour in July/August 2018. Information on available tours will be posted in summer 2018.

The Winter Orientation campus tour will mainly cover the indoor tunnels, though a small portion will include being outside. If the weather is nice, it will all be outside!


I attended Head Start. Do I need to attend Fall Orientation?

Head Start is offered next on June 2, 2018. During the event, you will be presented with information about what you can do to prepare for the start of Fall 2018 term, and what to expect from your university experience in general.

However, once Fall is here, there is a lot of additional information you need to know once you're registered for classes! You will also learn new information that is important to your academic career now that you're starting classes. You may even see some familiar faces from Head Start to reconnect with!


What is the All About U Expo?

The All About U Expo is a Fall event which allows new students to interact with the various on-campus departments, offices, and services they have been hearing about. The Expo is exactly what it sounds like; it's all about YOU! Explore the Curry Place Pedway and learn what each booth has to offer. There's loads of free giveaways and information to pick-up, and all of the booths there want to make sure that your experience at the University of Manitoba is a positive one.


What/Where is the Curry Place Pedway?

The Curry Place Pedway is a walkway that extends from University Centre, heading west all the way to the Frank Kennedy/Extended Education Complex. The Curry Place Pedway is the hub of activity and excitement during Orientation.


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Updated: January 12, 2018

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