What is it?

  • Aboriginal Focus Programs provides education programs through a range of partnership options. We offer certificate and diploma programs through cooperative arrangements with Aboriginal stakeholders and faculties of the University of Manitoba.
  • Programs are offered in a central location, as in-house training to staff of an organization, or as community-based programs. Programs are offered as 'open enrolment' or as block-funded cohort programs through an arrangement with an employer or sponsor. Delivery methodology can be as part-time or full-time study, and can incorporate technology-based delivery where student access permits.
  • Aboriginal organizations that identify a need for specific post-secondary or adult education not currently available may be interested in knowing that AFP has the capability to develop new programs to meet their needs.

Who is Eligible?

  • Each program we offer has its own admissions criteria, which is determined by Aboriginal Focus Programs and our program partners or co-sponsors. Generally, our programs are for individuals who are already employed in a position related to the focus of the program. Contact us at the address below for more information.

How to Apply

  • Applications are accepted on a continuous basis for all our programs

For More Information:

Aboriginal Focus Programs
University of Manitoba Downtown: Aboriginal Education Centre
Extended Education
11 The Promenade
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 3J1
Phone: 982-4223
or toll free # 1-866-330-0133, ext.3