Blankstein Momentum Program

The Indigenous Student Centre is pleased to offer the Blankstein Momentum Program (BMP) for returning Indigenous students. The program is designed to provide you with access to supports that contribute to your post-secondary persistence, overall well-being and personal success.

BMP uses a holistic approach which includes advisor meetings, access to tutors, learning workshops, group activities and cultural/spiritual care.

The program runs late August – March with a celebration wind up in April. There is no cost to participate. *Maximum intake is 25 students.
*BMP is now full and will no longer be accepting applications.

Is the Blankstein Momentum Program for me?

If you are a former Qualico Bridge to Success student, an Indigenous student looking to get back on track or looking to enhance your study skills/ elevate your GPA then BMP is for you!
What are the requirements and incentives?

Students committing to the Blankstein Momentum Program (BMP) are required to:
• Attend a mandatory half-day orientation session* (August 28 or September 7)
• Enroll in reserved lecture/lab section of ARTS 1110**
• Meet with the ALC Learning Specialist within the first two weeks of classes 
• Meet with an ISC Student Advisor 2 times per term***
• Attend bi-weekly learning workshops (alternating Tues/Wed evenings from 5-7 pm)
• Attend at least one appointment with the ISC reading specialist
• Attend at least one appointment with an ALC tutor
• Attend at least one appointment with a career counsellor
• Attend one appointment with a counsellor or visit with an Elder in Residence
• Attend 2 BMP Community Activities
• Celebrate at the wind-up

Students who complete all of the above requirements will be entered into a $1000 Tuition Prize draw at the end of the program. Four prizes to be won.

*Students must attend the orientation to be eligible to continue in the program.
** It is recommended that students with less than 60 credit hours take Arts 1110 to boost writing/learning skills. See below for available lab sessions.
*** Students who have 60+ credit hours are to meet with their Faculty Advisor. 
ARTS 1110 (Introduction to University): A fall term section of ARTS 1110 has been reserved for students in the Blankstein Momentum program. Registering for the associated sections will require special permission. Please contact Denise at or phone (204) 318-2935 to request permission. ARTS 1110 (Introduction to University) is designed to help students by imparting the knowledge, skills, and attitudes requisite for success in university study. The reserved student lab must be taken with a corresponding lecture section in Fall 2019. Once permission has been processed, you will be notified so that you can register for the course. This course is recommended for BMP students who would like to improve their learning and writing skills. Must have completed less than 60 credit hours.

BMP students can select either Option #1: Lecture section A05 (Thursdays 1:00-2:15 pm) with lab section B23 (Tuesdays 1:00-2:15) or Option #2: Lecture section A01 (Thursdays 8:30-9:45 am) with lab section B02 (Tuesdays 8:45-9:15 am). The benefit of the BMP section is that students get to learn with the same group of students for the whole term during the lab portion and the BMP Coordinator will visit the class periodically to check in on everyone.

Benefits of joining the Blankstein Momentum Program

• Access to supports provided by dedicated staff that will elevate your learning skills
• Ability to enhance your student experience and increase your academic performance
• Opportunity to be a part of a student community
• Access to Financial Wellness programming

Interested in joining the Blankstein Momentum Program?

The Indigenous Student Centre is committed to your success and encourages you to do the same by filling out the Blankstein Momentum Program application below.

*Maximum intake is 25 students.

For questions about the Blankstein Momentum Program, please contact Denise Proulx, Program Coordinator at or 204-318-2935.