Blankstein Momentum Program


The Indigenous Student Centre is pleased to offer the Blankstein Momentum Program for returning Indigenous students. The program is designed to provide you with access to holistic programming that supports your academic and overall success. There is no cost to participate in the program.

Is the Blankstein Momentum Program for me?  

Whether you are a former Qualico Bridge to Success student, a student looking to get back on track academically, a student needing a boost to stay on track or a student looking to elevate your GPA, the Blankstein Momentum Program will provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

Tell me more about the Blankstein Momentum Program

The Blankstein Momentum Program offers supports that will contribute to your post-secondary persistence, overall well-being and personal success.

The program is customized based on the individual results of the Learning and Study Skills Inventory (LASSI), which allows you to assess your academic strengths and challenges. The Blankstein Momentum Program uses a holistic approach which includes online learning modules, advisor meetings, group activities/sessions and cultural/spiritual care.

Students committing to the program will benefit from the following supports:

  • Resource Skills (eg: tutoring & library services, counselling & advising)
  • Interpersonal Skills (eg: speaking in class, talking to your professor, interacting with others)
  • Learning/Study Skills (eg: test taking strategies, study skills, notetaking)
  • Life Skills (eg: budgeting, saving, time management)
  • Cultural Spiritual Care (eg: teachings by Elders, ceremony, cultural attachment activities)

The program runs late August until mid March. *Registration is now closed for the August - March intake.* Students interested in a condensed version of the program running January to March can register below. Please contact for more information.

What are the requirements/incentives?

 Students committing to the Blankstein Momentum Program are required to:

  • Attend a mandatory half-day orientation session
  • Complete the Learning and Study Skills Strategies Inventory (LASSI)
  • Participate in an EmpoweringU Financial Wellness workshop on budgeting
  • Meet with Academic Learning Centre staff to develop an individualized learning plan
  • Complete up to 10 assigned online learning modules (based on LASSI results)
  • Meet with an ISC Student Advisor for a minimum 30 minutes (two times per term, once during the revision period and once before the voluntary withdrawal deadline)
  • Schedule at least one appointment with the ISC reading specialist, ALC tutors, career or student counsellors 
  • Complete at least two recommended learning sessions organized for program participants (*Earn extra ballots for the tuition award draw for each additional learning session you complete... the more sessions you attend, the more chances you have to win!)
  • Complete the post-program LASSI assessment two weeks before the end of the term

Students who complete all requirements will also be provided a digital "tool box" of learning resources and supports at the end of the program.

Who is eligible?

  • Former Qualico Bridge to Success Students
  • Returning Indigenous students seeking to improve their GPA
  • Returning Indigenous students looking to enhance their study strategies and learning skills

Students committing to the Blankstein Momentum Program are required to attend a half-day orientation session, where you will meet other program participants and staff members. You will complete an online Learning and Study Skills Assessment to help determine your academic strengths and challenges and participate in an EmpoweringU Financial Wellness workshop.

Students must attend the orientation to be eligible to continue in the program. See application below for dates/times.

              What will I learn in the EmpoweringU Financial Wellness Workshop?

 The Indigenous Student Centre recognizes the importance of financial wellness programming and is committed to providing students with the knowledge, skills and resources to make confident, responsible financial decisions throughout their life cycles. We understand that past relationships with money can often cause students to feel anxious, nervous or stressed about finances. With busy academic schedules, jobs and family commitments, it's difficult to devote time to manage money. However, developing financially smart habits during university is essential to achieving future goals.

The EmpoweringU Financial Wellness workshop will provide students with the knowledge to make a basic budget (and stick to it), help determine "needs" vs "wants" and even provide tips on how to save for a rainy day! 

              I'm interested in joining the Blankstein Momentum Program - Sign me up!

The Indigenous Student Centre is committed to your success and encourages you to do the same by filling out the online application form (see below), which will help us learn more about you and your program expectations.

For questions about the Blankstein Momentum Program, please contact Denise Proulx, Program Coordinator at or 204-318-2935.