Appointments and missed appointments policy
Arrange an appointment with a doctor by:
  • By Phone: (204) 474-8411
  • In Person:  At our receptionist desk at 104 University Centre.

If you are sick and can't wait for an appointment we will try to see you the same day, depending on Physician availability. A limited number of same day appointments are available Monday through Friday by making an appointment in person or over the phone when the clinic opens at 8:30am.  Please come to the office or call 204-474-8411. These appointments are given away on a 'first come, first serve' basis and no more appointments will be available that day once these times are full.

If you are a student from Bannatyne campus, please inform us of this when you are making your appointments.  As UHS recognizes the potential disruption to a student's studies when trying to book an appointment with your doctor, we have set aside specific appointment times at the beginning and the end of each day.

Please tell our receptionist whether you require:

  • a short appointment [for a single medical concerns]
  • a longer appointment [for a general physical examination or counselling appointment]

Please provide us with a current telephone number so that we can notify you in the event that your appointment must be cancelled or delayed. This can happen if the physician is called away to an emergency. If you must cancel or are running late for your appointment please call us at (204) 474-8411.

University Health Service will bill you privately for any missed appointments. The fees we charge are the recommended fees approved by Doctors Manitoba.  We have reserved a specific amount of time for your appointment therefore if you are late for more than half of your allotted time, the physician will not have adequate time for the best care possible. Missed appointments (entirely or more than ½ late) will be charged to you as a no-show appointment.  Office visits are scheduled for 15 minutes and Complete Physicals are 30 minutes. Please arrive to your appointment 10 minutes early to ensure we have your current address and phone number before your appointment time starts.  Please see our uninsured services for fees associated with missed or late appointments.