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Do you like what you see in the mirror?

All students who identify as female are invited to participate in the Body Project – University of Manitoba, a group that is aimed at helping participants feel better about their bodies!

The Body Project is a peer led, dissonance-based body-acceptance program designed to help University age students who identify as female resist cultural pressures to conform to the appearance ideal standard and reduce their pursuit of unrealistic bodies. The Body Project was developed by Dr. Eric Stice and Dr. Carolyn Becker who collectively have over 30+ years of experience in testing and running the Body Project. To date, it has been delivered to over 3.5 million girls and young women in 25 countries, including campuses in Canada.

The Body Project is supported by more research than any other body image program and has been found to reduce onset of eating disorders. Randomized prevention trials have found that the program reduces thin-ideal internalization, body dissatisfaction, negative mood, unhealthy dieting, and eating disorder symptoms. In addition, there is evidence that the Body Project intervention reduces the risk for future onset of obesity, results in improved psychosocial functioning, and reduces mental health care utilization. For more information on the development of The Body Project, please go to:

The Body Project - University of Manitoba is an interactive two-session workshop (each session is two hours in duration), where students (up to nine (9) students and three (3) [The Body Project – University of Manitoba is looking for new student facilitators!] trained peer leaders) who identify as female will engage in a series of verbal, written, and other activities.

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If you are interested in hosting and/or arranging a session of the Body Project – University of Manitoba in your faculty, department, campus community (e.g., student group), please contact David Ness (

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Fort Garry and Bannatyne:

There are no Body Project sessions scheduled in the spring and summer but we will be scheduling sessions to occur in late fall 2018 and the winter term of 2019. If you would like to be notified when courses are scheduled, please indicate your name and email below. Thank you.

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The Body Project – University of Manitoba is looking for new student facilitators! This is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the health of fellow students on campus and to enhance your skills and knowledge. Student facilitators for the Body Project will receive training and support from Body Project – University of Manitoba staff and will develop group facilitation, organizational, and presentation skills. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a student facilitator with the Body Project – University of Manitoba, please fill in the form below and we will email you when we are recruiting students in early fall 2018.

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U of M student participant testimonials:

I think this program is highly beneficial to everyone and I strongly encourage everyone to take it.

It’s safe and welcoming. You’ll meet lots of like minded individuals. You will grow over the two sessions.

Will change your attitude about your body.

It's an amazing eye opener and super helpful in finding ways to better yourself inwards and your verbiage outwards.