Schulich Leader Scholarships
Michael Kehler and Alex Kitt 

2019 application deadlines: (1) High schools/secondary schools/CEGEPS select their Schulich Leader Nominee by January 30, 2019; (2) Schulich Leader Nominees fill out a separate application that is sent to the universities by February 20, 2019.

In a partnership with The Schulich Foundation, the University of Manitoba helps you to define who you really are. The Schulich Leader Scholarships recognize outstanding young Canadian high school students who have demonstrated: academic excellence, school and community leadership, and/or financial need.  These scholarships are provided, in perpetuity, by a $100 million donation on behalf of the UJA Federation of Greater Toronto and the Seymour Schulich Foundation. 

For the 2019/2020 academic year, the University of Manitoba will award two annual Schulich Leader Scholarships. The first award will be presented to an Engineer-based Schulich Leader who will receive an $100,000 scholarship paid over a four-year period with annual awards of $25,000. The second Schulich Leader selected must be pursuing a degree outside engineering, yet within science, technology or mathematics. This non-engineer Schulich Leader will receive a $80,000 scholarship paid over a four-year period with annual awards of $20,000.

Please visit the Schulich Leader Scholarship webpage at to learn more about the scholarship and how you can become a Schulich Leader.

Award information:

Media release:

Current recipients:

  • Michael Kehler 18/19
  • Alex Kitt 18/19 

Past recipients:

  • Alexa McAdam - 12/13
  • Kimia Sheikholeslami - 12/13
  • Jayden McKoy - 13/14
  • Ella Thomson - 13/14
  • Alexander Czehryn - 14/15
  • Kailee Rutherford - 14/15
  • Harley Bray - 15/16
  • Christopher Dyck - 15/16
  • Viktor Popp 16/17
  • Grant Legaree 16/17
  • Bailey Paziuk 17/18
  • Shayna Timmerman 17/18