Advanced Placement & IB Enhancement Scholarships

Students who have qualified for a University of Manitoba Entrance Scholarship and have also achieved excellent results in either the Advanced Placement (AP) examinations or the International Baccalaureate (IB) higher level and standard level papers, may receive an additional award which is added to their entrance scholarship.

For each superior AP or IB result, UM Entrance Scholarship recipients may have their awards increased by:

  • $250 for each AP result of 5
  • $150 for each AP result of 4
  • $250 for each IB result of 7 on higher level papers
  • $200 for each IB result of 6 on higher level papers and 7 on standard level papers
  • $150 for each I.B. result of five on higher level papers

Candidates will require:

  • To be nominated or selected for any University of Manitoba Entrance Scholarship; and
  • AP or IB grades as listed above; and 
  • *Submission of final IB or AP results to the Financial Aid and Awards Office by September 1st.

*NOTE: Students are advised to submit AP grades to both the Admissions Office (for AP university credit) and Financial Aid & Awards Office (for Enhancement Scholarship consideration). The staff at either office will be able to make certified copies to ensure that AP result are forwarded to the appropriate offices.