Tuition Fee Deferrals for Gov't Loan Students

What is a Tuition Fee Deferral?

A deferral is a postponement in the payment of tuition fees for a set amount of time.

Tuition Fee Deferrals at the University of Manitoba:

The UM offers tuition fee deferrals prior to most tuition fee deadlines (September, January & May) when students have unforeseen delays in receiving their government student loans (applying for a loan late - less than two months before school staring - is NOT an unforeseen delay). Deferrals are only for students with current school year Government student loans. No other payment extensions/plans are available through the Financial Aid & Awards Office. 

To avoid late fees and possible deregistration from future term courses, you will need to provide the Financial Aid & Awards Office (prior to the fee deadline):

  1. Copy of your current Notice of Assistance/Assessment from your home province. This document must include your name, the study period for which your loan is for, the course load that you have applied with and the loan amounts (we can only defer loan amounts that are available as of the tuition fee deadline, not future disbursements). Also, students must be registered as full time students, and at the same course load that they applied
  2. Photo identification; University of Manitoba student card, valid drivers license or passport

Failure to provide these things, &/or not be registered to the course load that your Notice of Assistance/Assessment indicates is basis for deferral denial.

Other Important Information that you need to know:

  • All deferrals must be done in person unless you are living outside of Winnipeg (please note that we have extended hours each Tuesday)
  • We can only defer loan and grant amounts; not bursaries or awards that do not come in the form of a loan document
  • We do not accept governmental "Quick Assessments" that are generated after applying online; these are estimates and are unofficial 
  • All tuition fee deferrals expire; typically a deferral lasts no more than 30 days from the tuition fee deadline. Consult our office prior to the fee deadline that you require a deferral for to get specific dates
  • If you defer your tuition in (for example) term one, that does not automatically defer you for term two tuition; you must seek a deferral each term (if needed)

Call or visit Financial Aid & Awards 422 University Centre (204) 474-8197 to ask about deferrals today!

ONTARIO (OSAP) STUDENTS: Your loan document is sent directly to the Financial Aid & Awards Office and when we receive it, we automatically defer your tuition (if you are registered in the course load indicated on your document and within the same study dates) and keep the document until you come in to process it. However, if we have not received your loan document in our office by the tuition fee deadline, you will not be deferred.

OUT OF PROVINCE STUDENTS: Bring your loan documents to the Financial Aid & Award Office for one of the staff to process. Your tuition will then be deferred and no late charges will be added as long as it is processed before the tuition fee deadline. If you have not received your loan document by the tuition fee deadline, you will need to provide proof of funding in the form of an official Notice of Assistance/Assessment from your province that confirms your name, current study period dates, gauranteed funding amount and it must be money that is available as of the tuition fee deadline, not future amounts. Also, you must be registered in the course load that you applied for your loan for or we will not defer tuition.