Frequently Asked Questions - Government Student Loans

How many courses do I need to be full-time?

For student loan purposes, you are considered full-time with at least a 60% courseload / minimum 9 credit hours per term.

IMPORTANT: Your loan funding is dependant on your courseload. Please contact Financial Aid & Awards or your provincial loan office for information before you make your final decision to drop a course. It is up to you to know how your loan will be affected if you decide to withdraw from a course.  

I am not planning on studying full-time. Am I eligible for a student loan?

If you are taking less than a 60% courseload, you may qualify for part-time loans. Please refer to your province's website for information. Note: part-time loans typically do not have the same funding options or repayment terms as full-time loans and do not use the same application form. Look specifically for part-time information on your home province's website.

I am not applying for a Federal/Provincial Loan this year, but I received a loan in previous years. What do I do to keep my previous loan interest-free and not have to start repaying it?

Current full-time students with old student loans need to let the Federal and Provincial Loan offices know that they are back at school by completing a Schedule 2 and/or CR Form to avoid interest charges and repayment.Your financial institution/lender may also require these forms if you took government loans prior to the year 2000. These forms are completed at the Financial Aid & Awards Office after you have registered and paid the current term's tuition in full.

I have lived in more than one province - which province do I apply to?

You are considered a resident of a province/territory if :

  • you or your spouse have lived/worked in the province/territory for at least 12 months without being a full-time student;
  • you are considered a dependent and your parents/guardians have lived in the province/territory for at least 12 months;
  • you or your spouse received student loans from the province/territory last year; or
  • you or your spouse have always lived in the province/territory.

If none of these criteria apply to you, contact the UM Financial Aid & Awards Office for assitance and a referral.