Common Experience Payments


On November 17, 2014, the Supreme Court of British Columbia issued an Interim Consent Order. The interim order indicates that Crawford Class Actions Services, acting as Agent for Canada, shall continue to receive and process applications for Personal Credits in accordance with the terms and conditions for Personal Credits previously approved by the Court on October 31, 2013, pending any further direction from the Court. This means that until a final decision is made, eligible Common Experience Payment recipients and their family members may continue to submit applications for Personal Credits.

The Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement (IRSS) stipulates that once all Common Experience Payments (CEP) have been made, if more than $40 million remains in the Trust Fund, the funds are to be made available to CEP Recipients, upon application, in the form of non-cash Personal Credits of up to $3,000 each for educational purposes.

Only tuition fees and books & supplies can be claimed; living expenses cannot be.  Although recipients can use these funds at more than one educational institute, only one redemption form can be submitted by each institution (i.e. the educational costs must be claimed and submitted all at one time).  If the full amount of funding available cannot be requested by the December 1 deadline date, the recipient will not be able to claim the remainder at a later date.

Step 1: All the eligible recipients have been directly mailed Acknowledgement forms and information by the Personal Credits Administrator federal department.  The Acknowledgement form needs to be completed and returned to notify the federal department which school(s) they will be redeeming the funds at.  It is also how recipients indicate whether they are redeeming it for themselves or deferring the credits to family member(s).

Step 2: Once the Acknowledgement form is approved, a two-part Redemption form will be issued for both the recipient (Part 1) and the education entity (Part 2) to complete.  Both parts of this Redemption form need to be brought to the Financial Aid and Awards Office, room 422 University Centre Building; c/o Jane Lastra, Director, by November 1, 2014 at the latest.  **NB please indicate your name, student id, telephone number, and your preference for the use of your Personal Credits; towards tuition or a line of credit for books and supplies.**

Step 3: A line of credit will be opened at the Bookstore for the student for qualifying expenditures (books and supplies).  Where students have utilized the full amount of the credit by the end of the Revision period (end September 17, 2014), the Awards Office will invoice and submit completed forms to the organization for reimbursement as per the IRSS instructions.  For students whose tuition fees and Bookstore credit usage are less than their IRSS Credits, they will be contacted directly and given until November 14 to provide additional detailed receipts or to expend the credit at the Bookstore to add book and supply costs to their claim to redeem the full amount.  Examples of book & supply costs that can be claimed: textbooks, writing tools, paper, binders, staplers, rulers, art supplies (for fine arts students), printing and copying costs, tutoring and accessibility costs, a laptop/computer, and computer accessories.

Step 4: All students with IRSS Credits will be placed on a Special Fee Deferral list so they avoid late fees, account holds, and deregistration from winter term while the University of Manitoba waits for their tuition payments to arrive.  If the IRSS Credit does not cover tuition in full, students must pay their portion of the fees by the posted fee deadlines to avoid late fees, account holds, and deregistration from winter term.

For more information on the Indian Residential School Settlement Personal Credits, visit their website:   Here you will find the Terms and Condtions that outline the usage of credits, as well as sample forms for each step of the process.  University of Manitoba Student may also contact Financial Aid and Awards staff for assistance.

Important Deadlines

All deadlines related to Personal Credits have now passed. In order to be considered, applications had to have been received post-marked by March 9, 2015, and Redemption Forms had to have been received post-marked by June 8, 2015.