Daytime Program – Schools

SCHOOL GROUPS: Register your students or your school group to attend the daytime program at Open House 2018. Click here to register your school.  All registered schools will be provided with daytime program information to provide to students in advance of Open House 2018.

STUDENTS & PARENTS: If you wish to attend daytime program activities on your own, outside of a school group, please register to receive the full daytime event program and parking information in advance of your visit.  Click here to register if you plan to attend the daytime program on your own or with a parent. If you plan to attend our evening program from 6pm-8pm, click here.

Open House activities are most suitable for high school students in Grade 11, but all ages of students are welcome to attend.

Planning Your Day

All open house events and activities are held on the University of Manitoba's Fort Garry Campus in south Winnipeg. School groups and students should proceed directly to UMSU University Centre upon arrival to campus. Free parking is available for buses and individual vehicles in the "Q" student parking lot. Event volunteers will be on-site to help you get to UMSU University Centre from the parking area.

Once at UMSU University Centre, students can choose to attend presentations and tours or talk one-on-one with staff and students in our Information Village. Our recreation facilities are also open throughout the day for student use.

Presentations and Tours

A variety of sample university classes, faculty presentations, tours, and other activities are offered at our open house. These happen in different timeslots throughout the day, between 9:00am and 2:00pm. Most sessions are about 45 minutes in length.

Students interested in attending a presentation or tour should wait at the appropriate grouping station for the presentation in UMSU University Centre. Grouping stations are located throughout the 1st floor of UMSU University Centre near the Main Stage. Event volunteers will accompany students from the grouping stations to the sessions of their choice. Be sure to be at the grouping station for your chosen presentation or tour five minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

Information Village

Our Information Village is open throughout the day and is a convenient, one-stop resource for students to learn more about the different academic programs and services offered by the U of M. Visit the different booths to learn more about our programs and talk one-on-one with staff, professors, and current U of M students.

Free All-Day Access to Our Athletic Facilities

Students attending our open house can use our recreation facilities for free! Bring your gym gear and explore the new Active Living Centre, play basketball with friends, or swim in our pool. Photo ID and your Open House event program are required for entry.

Counsellors' Lounge

Counsellors' Lounge is a place for counsellors and teachers to relax while their students attend Open House. Grab a coffee, check your email and obtain our latest publications.

Info Days 2018 - Thursday, February 22. Daytime Program: 9:00am-2:00pm. Evening Program: 6:00pm-8:00pm