About Living in Homestay

International students are given an opportunity to live in a Canadian home while studying at the University of Manitoba.

About Homestay homes

  • Students will be placed in a homestay for four months (one term). A student may extend their stay upon approval of the host. For graduate students or visiting scholars and researchers, the length of the stay can be adjusted to meet their needs. 
  • All homes are inspected and approved by Homestay staff. Homes are safe, clean, and comfortable.
  • Homestay homes are located 15-35 minutes by bus from the university campus.
  • Canada is a multicultural country and our homestay program reflects this rich diversity.

Student benefits of living in Homestay

  • Practice of English skills
  • Affordable accommodation in a home that has been inspected and approved by the Homestay staff
  • Airport arrival pick up and departure drop of
  • Orientation to the city, neighborhood, and university campus
  • Wireless internet
  • Private room furnished with bed, bedding, dresser, desk, lamp and bath towels.
  • Three (3) healthy meals a day.  Food is provided for student to make breakfast and lunch, and dinner is prepared and cooked by the host.
  • Exposure to Canadian culture and build relationships with Canadian friends
  • Support from full time Homestay staff on campus and by emergency cellphone

Expectations for Students

  • Students and hosts should keep lines of communication open in order to understand to each other and to help each other adjust.
  • Students will be asked to participate in normal household routines and practice considerate use of household space.
  • Students are expected to do own laundry and cleaning of their bedroom and shared areas- bathroom and kitchen.
  • Students should respect the rights, privacy, religious and political beliefs of the host, and follow Homestay rules and policies.
  • Students must give one month's notice before the end of the homestay term if they plan to leave the homestay arrangement.
  • In the case of incompatibility between the student and the host, or unforeseen circumstances, the student may be moved to another homestay during the term.
  • If a student is 17 years old, the student is to comply with the program rules for underage students and the rules of the household.
  • All Homestay students must be full time international students at the English Language Centre, University of Manitoba undergraduate or graduate programs or International College of Manitoba, and must attend classes regularly. 

For more information, please see the Homestay Student Handbook.