Interested in Hosting?

Interested hosts are encouraged to submit their application at least 2 - 3 months prior to the start of a new term. For Homestay Host Benefits and Responsibilities, please click here.  

Who can apply?
Any family, couple or single person, with or without children can apply; however, applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents, and fluent English speakers who speak English in the home.

Hosts must live near the university, with no more than 35 minutes travel time by bus,  with no more than one bus transfer, and a maximum walking time of 10 minutes from the home to the bus stop. To see further Home Requirements, please click here.

Homestay Renumeration

The Homestay host receives $750 per month for each student. The Homestay program will pay the host on the Friday of the last week of the month, for the first 4 months. During the first month, hosts need to be prepared to pay expenses for their students before receiving the first payment.

To apply, provide the following: 

  • A completed online Homestay Host application
  • Three (3) references from friends, co-workers, or supervisors and for couples, 3 references per person
  • Winnipeg Police Information Check with Vulnerable Sector Search for all persons 18 years old and above living in the home

Applications are processed in the order they are completed and take into considering the following factors:

  • Proximity to the University of Manitoba: within walking distance, or on a direct bus route requiring no transfers is preferable.
  • Willingness to host either male or female students.
  • Willingness to host a student from any country.
  • Willingness to host students with particular dietary practices/restrictions
  • The need for hosts who can provide a home that meets certain student requests (i.e. smoking/non-smoking, pets/no pets)

After application

Once the application requirements are met, Homestay staff will evaluate the suitability of the applicant and home for the program by conducting a home visit and interview. 

Homestay hosts are chosen for their strong English language skills, keen interest in other cultures, and commitment to providing a beneficial living experience to the visiting student as well as room and board.

New terms begin in January, May, and September of each year. Generally, students arrive one week prior to the start of their program of studies. The need for Homestay spaces depends on the number of new students arriving for any given session at the University of Manitoba.