Course Information

Course Content
At any level of the Intensive Academic English Program (IAEP), students will practice the English and academic language functions required in an academic setting. Students will practice the following:

Listening & Speaking
Students will prepare and give a presentation on a table or graph, present a process, take notes from a lecture, question, critique, and participate in a seminar.
Participation in a seminar will include presenting information, analyzing information, and expressing an informed opinion.

Reading & Writing
Students will read widely and build vocabulary, read research journals, take notes from readings, summarize, paraphrase, write a summary and critique, write an essay, and write a research paper with appropriate documentation.

Study Skills
Students will use the University of Manitoba Libraries effectively, practice strategies for reading textbooks and journals, practice exam-taking strategies for essay, multiple choice, and take-home exams, and practice critical thinking skills.

Class schedule

Monday to Friday. Class times will be finalized at the start of term. Students must be available to study from 8:30am – 2:20 pm OR 11:30am – 5:20pm for a total of 24 hours per week.

Instructors at the English Language Centre have a certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language. Many have completed graduate work in this area and are experienced in teaching English for Academic Purposes (EAP).


Students will be required to purchase new textbooks (to be announced on the first day of classes)

All textbooks are available at the University of Manitoba Bookstore

Attendance and Missed Assignments

One of the goals of the English Language Centre is to see our students’ English skills improve through regular practice.  If students have more than 10.0 absences in any one component, they will not pass.

Please note, 3 lates will equal 1 absence and over 15 minutes late to a class will equal 1 absence.  It is the responsibility of students to know how many lates and absences they have and to use that time wisely.

Students who adhere to our attendance policy, and successfully complete the course, may advance to a higher level (depending on their scores and attendance). Students may also use the CanTEST© (Canadian Test of English for Scholars and Trainees) to advance, either to a higher IAEP level or to university degree-credit study.

Respectful Work and Learning Environment Policy
Students must abide by the University of Manitoba’s Respectful Work and Learning Environment Policy when attending IAEP class and on fieldtrips. 

The IAEP has an English-Use policy for the classroom. This is to support student success and improvement, and to ensure that ALL students feel welcome and included in the class.