Advanced Practicum in Counselling Placement

The Advanced Practicum in Counselling Placement at the University of Manitoba is an 8 month practicum of two days per week at the Student Counselling Centre (SCC). The SCC offers a wide range of developmental and clinical services to help the diverse U of M student population reach their personal, academic, and career goals.  Services include personal, couple, and group counselling, along with assessment, consultation, outreach, and crisis intervention. Training at the SCC is approached from a developmental perspective in which students first observe and then engage in counselling activities including intake sessions, individual counselling,  as well as groups, workshops, or outreach. As a part of training, students receive ongoing weekly supervision by staff trained from a psychological perspective, including registered psychologists, through either live or video review of clinical work. Students also attend clinical and SCC meetings and biweekly professional development seminars, as well as attend a weekly practicum seminar focused on theory, skill development,  and the development of professional identity and theory informed practice. Supervisors work to meet students at their level of training, assess and identify strengths and growth edges, and tailor the training experience to utilize strengths while working to provide a challenging and diverse experience that addresses areas for development in a supportive atmosphere. Students will also be provided with midterm and end of term evaluations of their work. Each year there are two spaces available, and while all post-secondary students in counselling related disciplines are eligible to apply, preference will be given to University of Manitoba students, including those in Extended Education. This placement requires being present on either Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and is intended to aid students’ preparation and professional skill development for careers related to the field of counselling.




General Requirements


  • Completion of 1 day Orientation to the Student Counselling Centre (SCC).
  • Completion of approximately 2 days per week of practicum experience during the academic fall and winter terms (unable to guarantee that all activities will fall within same 2 days). Being present Wednesday mornings is required.
  • The entire practicum requires a minimum of 180 hours on site, of which approximately 60 hours will be devoted to direct service (individual and group).


N.B. While practicum hours may be applied toward fulfilling the hours required by CCPA for certification, meeting CCPA requirements is not the primary goal of the practicum. Should fulfilling the training requirement for CCC certification through CCPA be a goal for a student, doing so at the SCC MAY be possible dependent upon a number of factors that can be discussed with the Coordinator.  


Personal Counselling


  • Completion of an average of 4 individual counselling sessions per week (dependent upon the student’s level of development).
  • Completion to termination or transfer of at least two counselling cases of 8 to 12 sessions.
  • The observation, in the fall, of at least 4 Intake sessions with the primary supervisor and other staff members. In addition, the student will take primary responsibility for 4 other Intake sessions with live supervision. Continued involvement in Intake will be at the discretion of the supervisor and student.


N.B.       Students choose EITHER career or group focus


Career Focus


Career counselling at the Student Counselling Centre uses a developmental approach in working with all relevant aspects of the client’s circumstances (e.g. life situation, personal issues, interests, values, abilities, and vocational options). For students who choose the career alternative the following expectations will apply:


·         Must participate in a two-day orientation to Career Counselling. This ordinarily occurs in early September.

·         Participation may be required in developmental workshops or groups, e.g. identity, decision-making

·         Students will be encouraged to carry at least one career client in their caseload at all times during the year, once they have begun to work with clients. A minimum of 12 hours of one-on-one career counselling experience with clients is required.

·         Must complete two career conceptualization reports (maximum two pages) during the year on two separate clients.

·         Students who are interested in Career counselling would have an opportunity to complete the MBTI and the SII in the fall term to familiarize themselves with inventories used by students.

·         Students may be eligible to interpret the MBTI and/or the SII dependent on academic background (i.e., completion of assessment course). Interested students should discuss eligibility to use these instruments with SCC staff.


Group Focus


The SCC offers a variety of psycho-educational, developmental and treatment groups depending on staff expertise and the needs of clients. Students who choose the group focus will:


  • Observe and/or co-facilitate one group in the fall term.
  • Develop, organize and facilitate one group in the winter term.
  • Must participate in Group Conferencing Meetings


Supervision and Training


The SCC is committed to its training role and strives to provide practicum students with appropriate supervision throughout the placement, and opportunities to enrich knowledge. Our requirements of students include:


For ALL Students


  • A minimum of 1 hour per week of individual supervision with a Student Counselling Centre staff member assigned as a primary supervisor for personal counselling cases.
  • Video taping of all counselling sessions with the client’s permission. Live supervision may also be arranged.
  • Maintenance of legible, complete, and ethically appropriate case notes.
  • Attendance at Student Counselling Centre practicum training seminar (1 hr/week) and selected professional development (PD) seminars (1 ½ to 2 hours biweekly or as announced during the academic term).
    • The practicum training seminar is conducted by the coordinator, Dr. Lori Mac, and will include both practicum students. The focus will be on the development of counselling skills and theory, and the application of the material to client work at SCC.
    • The PD seminars are a part of the SCC internship and are related to the services provided by the SCC and to the field of psychology.
  • Attendance at Case Management Meetings and General Business Meetings (Wednesday mornings)
  • Completion and presentation of a formal Case Conceptualization in winter semester


In Addition:


For Students Who Choose Group Focus Option


  • A minimum of 1 hour per week of group-related supervision, together with live or taped supervision, of the co-facilitation and/or facilitation of a developmental/treatment group. This will be provided concurrent with these experiences.


For Students Who Choose Career Focus Option


  • A minimum of 1 hour per week of individual supervision with a Student Counselling Centre staff member assigned as a primary supervisor for Career Counselling cases. This will be provided concurrent with these experiences.




Evaluation is clearly an important part of the process of training, and is done in as supportive and constructive a way as possible. Informal evaluation is continuous and ongoing, and there is an active exchange of communication between practicum and program coordinators and supervisors. Should difficulties arise, program personnel in consultation with the practicum coordinator and/or supervisor will work with the student to develop a suitable remediation plan. In most cases Primary Supervisor responsibility shifts from a staff member to a psychology intern, as a part of their supervision training requirement, January through April. These supervision sessions are recorded as a part of Intern’s supervision training. There are two formal, written evaluations:


  • The first evaluation will be completed in December by the primary supervisor, as well as adjunct supervisors for all areas in which the student has been involved.
  • The final evaluation will be completed in April by the secondary supervisor, again in collaboration with the primary and adjunct supervisors.


At each of these evaluations periods, student will also be asked to write their own self-evaluation, and will have an opportunity to evaluate their supervisor as well.




The SCC typically hosts a Meet & Greet each year. Students interested in our practicum placement are encouraged to attend. The Meet and Greet provides an opportunity to meet our staff, practicum coordinator, and supervisors, learn the specifics of what this practicum placement has to offer and what is required, and hear our most recent practicum students talk about their experiences at the SCC over the past year. Students will also have an opportunity to ask any questions they may have. A tour of our centre and an opportunity to sit down with the coordinator for any further discussion is also provided.




Students interested in applying for a practicum placement at the SCC should submit cover letter and resume to:


Dr. Lori Mac, Advanced Practicum in Counselling Coordinator

Student Counselling Centre

474 University Centre

University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba

R3T 2N2


Phone: (204) 474-8592 (Reception)

Fax: (204) 474-7558


Your cover letter should address: (a) why you are interested in a placement at the Student Counselling Centre, (b) why you think this placement would be a good fit for you, and (c) how this placement would contribute to your professional development and goals.


Selected applicants will be contacted for interview times.




Please note that Spring timelines for the Meet & Greet, applications, interview, and selection may be adjusted yearly due to scheduling and accommodation of program deadlines. Please contact the SCC for exact dates.