How to Access Personal Counselling Appointments, Groups and Workshops
The Student Counselling Centre (SCC) provides personal counselling at the Fort Garry campus and the Bannatyne campus to current University of Manitoba students only. The main Fort Garry campus location is 474 University Centre (excepting statutory holidays). Counselling is also available to students who identify as indigenous at Migizii Agamik (also at the Fort Garry campus).  The Bannatyne campus location is S211 Basic Medical Services Building Monday to Friday (excepting statutory holidays). The Bannatyne location has reduced hours in July and August each year.

Personal Counselling:

University Centre Location: To access personal counselling services students must come, in-person, to our office and request an intake appointment for that day. These appointments are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis and are limited in number (all appointments are usually used each day). We encourage students to arrive as early as possible on a weekday to request one of these appointments. If a student receives an intake appointment, they will be asked to return 15 minutes before the start of their appointment to complete registration materials. Arriving late for their appointment may result in their appointment slot being offered to another student. The Fort Garry location also offers brief emergency triage appointments for students experiencing very high distress (e.g., a student experiencing suicidal thoughts and/or panic symptoms, etc.) These brief appointments are available throughout the day.

Bannatyne Location: The Bannatyne location of the Student Counselling Centre only provides personal counselling services to University of Manitoba students who are enrolled in an education program based on that campus or at the Inner-city Social Work program. To access personal counselling services students are encouraged to telephone the SCC reception service at 204-474-8592 to request an intake appointment. Intake appointments are available between 12 noon and 3:00 pm each weekday (excepting July and August).

College of Nursing Location: The college of Nursing location of the Student Counselling Centre only provides personal counseling services to University of Manitoba students who are enrolled in the college of Nursing. College of Nursing students wishing to access counselling services may attend the University Centre or the College of Nursing location. To access the College of Nursing location, students are directed to telephone the Student Counselling Centre reception at (204) 474-8592 to request an intake appointment.

Migizii Agamik Location: The Student Counselling Centre offers individual counselling at Migizii Agamik on Fridays.  All students who identify as Indigenous are welcome to attend counselling at this location. Interested students should contact reception at Migizii Agamik at 204 474-8850 to schedule an initial intake appointment. Zongiigabowin is currently the only drop-in group available at this this location.


The Student Counselling Centre offers many different groups and workshops that are available to University of Manitoba students. For more information on groups and workshops, please visit this link. To register for one of our groups or workshops you can telephone us at 204-474-8592,  register in-person, or drop-in to one of our workshops.