awareness poverty develop job skills workshop

  • Join an interdisciplinary student facilitation team and find like-minded peers and friends who are passionate about volunteering, community development and poverty alleviation.
  • Develop essential skills for employment in project planning, event coordination, facilitation, conflict resolution and more.
  • Work with knowledgeable community volunteers with lived experiences of poverty and strengthen your capacity for working in community.

Fort Garry and Bannatyne

Free of charge
20-40 students

Ongoing registration

Students will participate in two days of training in late August and assist with the workshop rebuild.

The Workshop Facilitation Team is comprised of undergraduate and graduate student volunteers, who will work under the supervision of a Student Workshop Coordinator and Anny Chen, Lead Community Service-Learning Coordinator.

Facilitators have a rich behind-the-scenes opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and experience as they develop, prepare, facilitate and assess the Poverty Awareness & Community Action workshop.

Be involved with the overarching planning, execution and assessment of the Poverty Awareness & Community Action workshop, working closely with the Student Coordinator and Lead Community Service-Learning Coordinator to develop goals and outcomes for the year, document the implementation of the workshop, and assess our work.

Develop your event coordination and management skills by assisting the Student Coordinator with all of the logistics. From room bookings and catering to event set-up and teardown, there are lots of small details that need attention.

The Poverty Awareness workshops depend on the generosity of university and community volunteers who role play as Service-Providers in the workshop, and assist with the workshop kit rebuild, and set-up and teardown.

Each workshop has a facilitator that leads students through the orientation, role play and debrief. Students are welcome to develop and practice their facilitation and conflict resolution skills, and assist with workshop co-facilitation facilitate with the large group exercises or small group discussion.

Members of the Facilitation Team can develop their community engagement skills by assisting the Student Coordinator with volunteer recruitment, communication, feedback and capacity-building.

We are grateful to work with generous and knowledgeable Community Faculty, who volunteer their time to develop resources and help us to facilitate the workshops in more authentic and impactful ways. Community Faculty volunteer as Service-Providers and Speakers, sharing their lived experiences with poverty and recommendations for action.

Community Faculty are also interested in receiving capacity-building workshops and shadowing the Facilitation Team in order to develop their skills and experience. With the support of the Lead Community Service-Learning Coordinator, the Facilitation Team will be responsible for developing and facilitating workshops to meet the needs of Community Faculty, such as storytelling and public speaking, intercultural communication and conflict resolution.

Do you like to be hands-on? Are you detail-oriented? Then, we want you to help out with managing our workshop materials and rebuilding the kit after each workshop. This is a daylong activity wherein volunteers reassemble the workshop kit and make sure every component is ready for the next event.

Members of the Facilitation Team are also invited to help with resource development—researching and integrating new information on poverty and poverty alleviation in Winnipeg and opportunities to take action.

We are actively recruiting university and community volunteers to help us facilitate Poverty Awareness workshops!

Volunteers can join the PACA Workshop Facilitation Team for a rich experience behind-the-scenes or sign up to help with workshop kit rebuilding, set-up, teardown or role play volunteering for individual workshops. Apply on UM Community Link today.

If you have lived experience with poverty or have education or training in poverty alleviation, social services or education, we encourage you to apply to be a volunteer, please email or call Anny Chen at 204.474.6992.