Visit Amazon Rainforest and learn about Indigenous technology

  • Under the canopy of giant ceibas in the Amazon biome, learn about some of the technologies that Indigenous rainforest communities have developed to co-exist with their natural environment.
  • Connect with the rainforest with an overnight hike. Swim under a green waterfall and watch the stars light up the sky, as we set our tents for a night of fireside stories and mindful listening to the sounds of the rainforest.
  • What is technology? Are technologies always human-made? What is the purpose of technology? Challenge your views through Indigenous-led conversations and stories that question and complement our western ways of seeing the world.

February 15-25, 2019 Amazon Region, Ecuador

$2,800, all-inclusive*
Partial bursaries available!

10-15 students

Deadline: November 30

Get ready for Amazon: Indigenous Technologies with six weeks of Community Engagement Training. Get to know your program team, learn about Archidona, Ecuador and AMUPAKIN and develop your skills in community engagement and project planning and assessment.

Training dates will be determined based on the program team’s academic schedule.

Amazon: Indigenous Technologies is offered in partnership AMUPAKIN, a collective of Kichwa women and youth who work to keep alive the knowledge of their land, culture and traditions, which has been passed on to them by their ancestors. Through this program, we’ll have the honour and opportunity to learn, hands-on, about some of these knowledges: plant-based medicine, natural-building, permaculture and basic survival skills!

*Your all-inclusive fee covers your return airfare, all in-country transportation and accommodations, three daily meals, pre-departure training and a contribution to your host community.

This program is 100% not for profit! Beyond your airfare and in-transit expenses, the remaining of your fee goes to support your host community with equipment, training, facility maintenance, wages and other resources that help them increase their sustainability.