Graphic Designers & Illustrators (5241)
University of Manitoba

Calendar and Registration Guide

-School of Art - Graphic Design program

-Graphic Design School of Art homepage

-Alumni Advice - Graphic Designer (from Career Services' Learning to Earning 2012)

Links to Sites

-National Occupational Classification

-Working in Canada - Winnipeg

-Alberta Learning Information Service - OCCinfo

-Occupational Outlook Handbook - Job outlook for U.S.

-O*NET Online - detailed occuaptional information

-Society of Graphic Designers of Canada

     -Considering a design career?
-Canadian Design Schools

-Graphic Design

- Arts & Cultural Industries Association of Manitoba
-Association of Registered Graphic Designers (Canada)
-The Advertising & Design Club of Canada

-American Institute of Graphic Arts (IAGA)

-Animation Career Review
-Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators

-Society of Illustrators

-National Association of Schools of Arts & Design (U.S.)

-Association of Independent Colleges of Arts and Design (AICAD)

-Society of Publication Designers

-Society of Medical Illustrators - Career and Education Info

-A Day in the Life of a Graphic Designer - The Princeton Review

-Chip Kidd: Designing books is no laughing matter. OK, it is. - TED Talks

-Graphic Designer Career Information

-Communication Arts - A Resource for Designers

-Graphic Arts Magazine

-Design Tools Monthly - Magazine

-Occupational Video: Graphic Designer - from the Alberta Learning Information Service

-Information for foreign-trained professionals - Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials

Updated: April 18, 2017