Genetic Counsellor (4153)

University of Manitoba

- M.Sc. in Genetic Counselling - Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, Biochemistry & Medical Genetics

-Career Mentor profile - U of M alumnus, Genetic Counsellor

-U of M Career Spotlight - an interview with genetic counsellors at Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre

Links to Sites

-National Occupational Classification

-Alberta Learning Information Service - OCCinfo

-Canadian Association of Genetic Counsellors
- What is a Genetic Counsellor?
- Genetic Counselling Training Programs (Canada & International)
- A Career in Genetic Counselling (pdf brochure)

-WRHA Genetics and Metabolism Staff

-National Society of Genetic Counselors (U.S.)
- How Do Genetic Counselors Integrate into the Healthcare Team?
- 2016 Professional Status Survey Reports - Work Settings, Specialty Areas, Primary Roles, Salaries, Job Satisfaction, etc.

-O*NET -detailed occupational information (U.S.)

-American Board of Genetic Counseling
-How Do I Become a Certified Genetic Counselor?
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Updated: April 18, 2017