Anthropologist (4169)

This unit group includes anthropologists, archaeologists, geographers, historians, linguists, political scientists, sociologists and other professional occupations in social science not elsewhere classified. They are employed in universities and throughout the public and private sectors. (National Occupational Classification)

Occupational Profile

Find more detailed information about being an Anthropologist, what they do, typical duties and responsibilities and more in the links below:

National Occupational Classification- an overview of the occupation in Canada

O*NET Online - detailed occupational information (U.S.)

Interview: Anthropologist - from

Careers in Anthropology- from the American Anthropological Association

Employment ideas and opportunities in Anthropology- from Simon Fraser University

Careers in Physical Anthropology -from the American Association of Physical Anthropologists

Anthropology Careers -from Northern Kentucky University

Discover Anthropology - from the Royal Anthropological Institute

Forensic Anthropology -from A. Midori Albert Ph.D.

A Definition of Forensic Anthropology -from the American Board of Forensic Anthropology, Inc.


University of Manitoba

-Academic Calendar

-Faculty of Arts (Undergraduate) - Anthropology

-Faculty of Graduate Studies - Anthropology

-Department of Anthropology homepage

Physical Anthropology Programs in Canada

Labour Market Information

Labour market information informs users of supply and demand for specific occupations and sectors. It includes such things as salary and job outlook information. These resources support informed career decision making and job search efforts.

Working in Canada - Winnipeg

Alberta Learning Information Service - OCCinfo

Occupation Outlook Handbook - Job outlook for U.S.

Professional Associations

Student members of professional associations may access direct events, directories, job postings, and labour market information. This is a great way to learn and network. Canadian Anthropology Society Canadian Association for Physical Anthropology

Other Links


-Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials - information for foreign-trained professionals

Updated: September, 2017

Holland Code:
Investigative / Enterprising

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Museum Curator


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