Career Mentor Program

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What is it?

The Career Mentor Program (CMP) is designed to help students explore their occupational options. Students are connected with industry professionals for informational interviews, which helps them formulate career plans. Mentors share information about their occupations and offer practical, timely career advice. The CMP is not intended as a job placement service, but as a way for students to explore occupations and career paths.

The Career Mentor Program is a career planning service which was created by Career Services at the University of Manitoba in 1990.

The Career Mentor Program operates September to April and is closed from May - August.  Students can sign-up to meet a mentor anytime during regular academic session.

How does it work? 

The Career Mentor Program operates during the regular session academic year - September to April.  The process that the program follows is designed to ensure that both the students and the mentors are prepared for the meeting. The mentor is provided with a program handbook and the name of the student that will be contacting them. The student must attend an orientation session to evaluate their career values and go over a list of sample questions, before the actual meeting with the mentor. The steps for a student are simple:

    1.  Complete a registration form at Career Services, 474 University Centre.  Meet briefly with the Career Mentor Program Coordinators if you have any questions.  Sign-up for a program orientation session.

    2.  Attend a half-hour orientation session at Career Services to prepare for the mentor visit.  Pay the one-time $10 registration fee at the Career Services front desk.  Note: this one-time registration fee permits you to use the program the entire time you are a U of M student and with no limit to the number of mentors you can meet /occupations you can explore.

    3.  After receiving the mentor's information from the coordinators, the student must contact their mentor promptly to set up a meeting date and time (within two weeks).

    4.  Visit the mentor in the workplace or at another mutually convenient location. This typically takes the form of an informational interview. Site tours and job shadowing are also options, depending on the occupation and mentor.

    5.  Complete a Student Evaluation Form of how the meeting went and the student's overall experience. If they would like to meet with another mentor, this can be indicated on the form.


Students, by participating in the Career Mentor Program, are given the opportunity to bridge the gap between education and the workplace. The program allows them to:

  • Explore occupational options

  • Learn about an occupation or industry through the firsthand experience of a mentor

  • Formulate realistic career goals

  • Gain confidence in their career decisions or ability to connect with potential employers

  • Develop informational interview skills

  • Form valuable networks in the world of work

Mentors also benefit from the program. They are given the opportunity to:

  • Impact the career plans of students

  • Share information and advice

  • Promote their professions


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