Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to participate in the Career Mentor Program?

It costs $10 for a student to participate in the mentor program, but this is a one time fee.  Upon paying this fee, students can meet with as many mentors as they want throughout all of their years in university.

Can I choose my own mentor from your database?

No - matching students to mentors is complex and time consuming and not all mentors are available at all times of the year. At present, the program has a database of over 700 mentors from a large array of professions. The program coordinators select a mentor for the student from this database in order to assure the best possible match. The coordinators decide which mentor is most appropriate based on what the mentor does and what the student is looking for.  The Career Mentor Program is also a confidential service which means that names of both students and mentors participating in the program remain private until we receive an individual's permission to share their information.

How long is the mentor meeting?

The mentor visit should take approximately an hour, although times may vary depending on the mentor's availablity.  The visit typically takes the form of an informational interview, but site tours and job-shadowing experiences are also options, depending on the mentor.

Where does the mentor meeting take place?

Usually the mentor will allow the student to meet with them right in the workplace. In some cases where this is not possible, like if the mentor works out of their home or confidentiality is an issue, the meeting could take place at a coffee shop, cafe, etc.  If the student and mentor would like to meet at the University of Manitoba, feel free to contact the program coordinators to reserve a meeting space at the Student Counselling and Career Centre in Univesity Centre.

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