At the University of Manitoba, we understand that making the choice to go to university is a big decision both for students and their parents. We hope that the following information and links provide parents with the guidance and support they need to help their child make their post secondary decisions.

Campus Tours
  • Parents of students interested in studying at the University of Manitoba are welcome to join students for one-on-one campus tours offered through Student Recruitment.  Campus tours are a great way to see the U of M campus and to learn more about our programs and services.  Residence tours can be arranged for students and parents upon request.  For more information, visit our Campus Tours page or contact (204) 474-8806.
  • For parents of students who have already been accepted to the University of Manitoba, parents can attend Head Start - the UM’s annual one-day session for students and their families, held June 4, 2016. Head Start offers a number of informative sessions, campus tours, and a resource fair, as well as sessions specifically designed to teach parents and friends how best to support new students as they begin their university studies.  For more information about Head Start, visit the Student Life website or contact (204) 474-9093.

Paying for University
One of the major questions that parents usually ask is "What is this going to cost me?" Follow the links below for information on our average tuition fees and costs as well as how we might be able to help students through scholarships, awards, and bursaries.

Choosing the "Right" Courses
Many students get caught up with trying to choose the "perfect" program, the "right" courses, and the "hot" job. Making the right course choices is really about finding out what program best suits each individual and then determining which courses are required to apply. Not every programs requires grade 12 physics or university entrance math courses. Our Student Career Services provides counselling to help students explore their career options.

Follow any of the following links for more information: 

Accessing Your Child's Admission/Registration Information
Once a student submits an application, their information remains confidential. The University of Manitoba is precluded by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) from releasing information on any applicants to anyone other than the applicant themselves or members of educational institutions such as high school counsellors or principals.

The status of an application or any other applicant information is not public information. Unfortunately, the University of Manitoba cannot release any applicant information to parents, family members, or friends without prior written consent of the applicant.

In order to release information to a second party, a student must present the Admissions Office with a consent form. A separate consent form must be handed in to the Registrar's Office to access registration and other current student information.

Download the Release Consent Form or contact our Admissions Office.