3. Registration
Register early to ensure the most optimal schedule is available to you! 

Once you have selected courses and created your timetable, you are ready to register!

Visit Aurora on or after July 7 to view your Registration Time (your personalized registration access time).

Log in to Aurora during your specific access time, which will be sometime between July 12 to 18, and follow the steps you learned in the tutorials to register for courses. You will register for both your fall and winter courses at this time.


As a U of M student, you are given access to various services and accounts. Some services, such as borrowing library books, require the use of a Student ID Card. Other services are offered through online accounts, which you will have to activate once you have registered for courses. Click here to learn more.


You can add or drop classes after your initial Registration Time. Log in to Aurora to manage your course registration and to view a detailed schedule of your classes, your tuition fee assessment, a textbook list and more!