Choosing Courses
The process of signing up for university courses is called registration. Before you register for classes, you should review the below information and become familiar with some helpful resources.

Direct Entry Students
Admission from high school or less than 24 credit hours of study:

The First Year Planning Guide provides a comprehensive overview of the entire registration process, from identifying what courses to take in first year for specific programs, to how to look up information about these courses and build a timetable. Use this guide to determine what you need to know ahead of registering for classes.

Advanced Entry Students
Transfer students or more than 24 credit hours of study:

The Registrar’s Office provides a step-by-step overview of how to register for university classes on their website. Be sure to review this information to prepare for registration.

Aurora – Using the U of M’s Online Registration System
Aurora is the University of Manitoba’s online registration and student information system. All students use Aurora to register for classes, view class schedules, access booklists, obtain tuition fee statements, and more. You will also use Aurora to determine your registration time. All incoming students should watch the Online Registration Tutorials for more information about logging into and using Aurora to determine registration times, register for classes, and more.

Academic Advisors – Help and Advice
Academic advisors are faculty representatives who can assist you with course selection and developing a successful academic plan. Advisors can also help you to understand the university’s rules and regulations. If you are experiencing problems throughout the registration process or if you require help or assistance, you should reach out to an advisor in the program to which you have been admitted. For a list of advisors by program and contact information, see our Academic Advisors website.

Additional Resources: