1. Accept Your Offer

Accept your offer by June 1st

  • Once an official admission decision has been made, you will receive notification by email.
  • Log in to your Online Application to view decisions and accept offers.
  • Scholarship offers will be sent via email to eligible students after admission decisions are made.
  • Follow the steps in your offer letter to accept. Be sure to accept your offer before you register for classes!

Note: Students who receive an offer after June 1 will be assigned an alternate date.

If you are looking for a place to live and you have not already done so, apply for residence now! To learn more about Student Residences, visit umanitoba.ca/housing.


is the timeframe during which courses are offered.
Fall Term: September to December
Winter Term: January to April

Credit hours are values assigned to courses. Students must complete a certain number of credit hours (90 or 120) to graduate from a degree program. Typical first year courses are valued at 3 credit hours (1 term) or 6 credit hours (2 terms).

Course Code is the course number and department name assigned to a particular course. Introductory level courses are indicated by course numbers in the 1000s; e.g., ENGL 1200 is an introductory English course. Most second level (2000) courses require completion of the introductory level (1000) course.

W & M requirements are the written and math compulsory courses required by all students to complete a degree program.

Academic advisors are faculty representatives who can assist you with course selection and developing a successful academic plan. Advisors can also help you to understand the university’s rules and regulations.

Registration is the process of signing up for courses.

Aurora is the U of M’s online registration and student information system used to register for courses, view class schedules, access booklists, obtain tuition fee statements and more!


AP and IB credits are considered for admission, scholarships and transfer credit! Final results must be received directly from the AP/IB Examination Board and you must submit a Request for University Credit form to be considered for transfer credit.