Financial Supports

The University of Manitoba also offers a variety of financial supports including:


  • All first year Canadian students are automatically considered for General Entrance Scholarships upon application for admission if they apply by the Entrance Scholarship Deadline
  • The Leader of Tomorrow Scholarship recognizes exceptional high school graduates who combine outstanding leadership potential with academic giftedness
  • All continuing students are automatically considered for a wide range of undergraduate scholarships
  • Scholarship programs available to both entering and returning undergraduate international students


  • The University of Manitoba subsidizes a bursary program for new and continuing full-time and part-time students with good academic marks who demonstrate a significant level of financial need
  • An international bursary program for providing financial assistance to international students

Government Student Loan Supports

  • The Financial Aid and Awards Office can help answer your questions relating to student loans and provide valuable information to interested students through their web site

Work Study Program

  • Students with documented financial need, satisfactory academic standing, and minimum 60% course load are eligible

Emergency Short Term Loans & Food Bank

  • Our university makes a limited amount of funds available in the form of short term interest free loans available to assist our students who are experiencing financial difficulties relating to their immediate educational and living expenses
  • The food bank is a joint venture of UMSU and our Financial Aid and Awards Office to meet a perceived need of feeding financially challenged students


For more information visit: 

Financial Aid and Awards Office
Room 422 University Centre
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2
Telephone: (204) 474-9531
Fax: (204) 474-7543

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