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How can I find out more about your university?

How do I apply to the University of Manitoba?

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What should I do if I do not have the required high school prerequisites for the program I want to apply to?

International Students

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How do I get health insurance?

If I apply to the U of M when I am under the of majority (18 years or younger), does the university provide a custodian for me?
Effective April 18, 2012, the University of Manitoba does not provide custodian services for students/applicants.  A student applying to the University of Manitoba under the age of 18 is advised to find a custodian upon application to the University.  Please note that the University of Manitoba does not provide a list of registered or preferred custodianship providers and will not advise applicants on this matter.  Please refer to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website for detailed information regarding custodianship requirements.