Resources for Multilingual Learners
Welcome to the Academic Learning Center's resources for multilingual learners. This section of our website outlines the English language development supports that the Academic Learning Center provides to all University of Manitoba, graduate and undergraduate students for whom English is not a first language.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments about this section of our website, please contact Antoanela Denchuk, the Academic Learning Center's EAL Specialist Instructor, at 204-480-1481 or at


In these small group workshops you can learn strategies to develop your academic writing, reading and study skills. Some of these workshops are specifically designed with multilingual learners' needs in mind. The workshops are free and can be accessed online.

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The Academic Learning Center offers a variety of tutoring sessions to support your academic success at the University of Manitoba.

Peer writing tutors

Our peer writing tutors in the Elizabeth Dafoe Library, the Science and Technology libraries and the Albert D. Cohen Management Library can help you with various course-specific writing tasks. You can register and schedule appointments with a tutor through our online appointment booking system at These one-to-one tutoring sessions are free. Undergraduate students are allowed to have two half-hour appointments per week. You can also call our office to schedule an appointment.

The tutors can help you with the following academic tasks:

  • Understand your assignment guidelines more clearly and plan out your assignments
  • Understand how to write academic papers
  • Review your writing and give you feedback on how to improve clarity and organization
  • Learn about academic culture at the University of Manitoba
  • Show you how to cite in APA, MLA and Chicago
  • Show you how to paraphrase, quote and summarize.

Study skills tutors

Our study skills tutors can help you become a more successful student. They can show you ways to better organize your time, study for exams more efficiently, take effective notes, and improve your memory and concentration. These sessions are also free to all University of Manitoba students. To see an academic skills tutor call our office.

Content tutors

The ALC keeps a list of subject specific tutors. These tutors are not free. You can contact the tutors directly, and hire them to help you with your course content. The Content Tutor Registry can be found in UM Learn. Instructions on how to access the list in UMLearn can be found here.

Graduate student tutors

If you are a Masters' or PhD. student you can book an appointment with our graduate student writing tutor or with one of the five instructors at the center. Please note that we are not a copyediting service, but we will be happy to instruct you on how to improve your writing and any other academic skills. In a graduate student tutorial we can review portions of your writing, and provide feedback on organization, clarity, sentence structure and any other concerns you might have. Please call our office to schedule an appointment.

Online tutor

You can submit your paper though our online system, and one of our writing tutors will review your paper. When you submit your paper, you can tell us your concerns about it. The tutor will read your paper, and respond to your concerns. The tutor will give you written feedback within two days (Monday to Friday). You can find more information about the ALC online tutor here.

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EAL Specialist Instructor

The English as an Additional Language specialist instructor in 201 Tier has an educational background in teaching English as an Additional Language. She has a Master's of Education focusing on second language teaching and learning (M.Ed.) and a certificate in teaching language learners (CTESL).

In addition, she has taught multilingual learners from a variety of language learning backgrounds, for over 16 years. She can assist you with any language related concerns that might affect your writing, reading and general academic success.

Here are some of the ways in which the EAL specialist instructor can help you.

  • Discuss your language needs and develop a plan to improve your English.
  • Analyze your writing and make suggestions about how to improve your grammar and vocabulary use.
  • Help you understand academic writing expectations, and assignment requirements.
  • Teach you strategies to understand difficult vocabulary, and learn new and appropriate vocabulary
  • Work with you to improve your pronunciation and oral communication, and teach you how to deliver better presentations
  • Teach you communication skills and expressions to build better professional relationships with your professors and staff at the University
  • Guide you through the paraphrasing and summarizing processes.
  • Help you understand referencing rules and the use of academic sources.

Sessions with the EAL specialist are customized for your specific needs so bring specific questions and concerns. You can schedule an appointment with Antoanela Denchuk by visiting the U1 Student Center in 205 Tier or make an appointment directly by visiting the graduate student schedule, in our online appointment scheduling system (WCO).

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Academic Learning Center Programs

In addition to our various workshops and seminars, undergraduate and graduate students can benefit from several academic reading and writing guided programs.

Writing with Integrity Tutorial (WIT) for Graduate Students

The Writing with Integrity tutorial is a multiple session tutorial for multilingual graduate students who want to improve their understanding of using sources appropriately. In this tutorial, students will learn to paraphrase, summarize and synthesize text correctly and reference their source use to meet academic standards. Students can take the whole tutorial or opt to take only specific modules. For more information email

The Reading for Fluency Program (RFP)

Reading for Fluency is a program for multilingual students and other UM students who want to become better readers and writers. Participants engage in extensive reading of high interest, level appropriate books available at our UM libraries. Through multiple exposures to frequently used general vocabulary and grammatical structures students improve their language proficiency, reading speed and comprehension of English texts. Furthermore, readers gain exposure to common classic and modern literature and improve their understanding of English speaking culture. This is an independent reading program, but students can meet with the ALC EAL specialist instructor if they want to discuss the book or have a more guided reading experience. For more information download the RFP manual (PDF) or email

Reading to Write (RW) Program for Undergraduate Students

This is an academic writing program for current Arts and Sciences undergrads or future registered UM students who want to gain more exposure to and become more at ease with basic academic reading and writing. In a series of four emails, participants work with a writing tutor to improve their speed and comfort with common, basic academic writing and reading tasks. This is a non-credit program so there is no grade or penalty, but students should expect to spend at least 2-3 hours per week reading and writing for each weekly activity. This program will be offered in August and January of each year. Participants must register prior to each session. For more information email

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Online Resources

Various links, writing and study tips pdf's, videos and online workshops can be found in our LiveBinders. Online resources specifically chosen for English Language Learners, can be found in the ALC LiveBinder for Multilingual Learners. Graduate students will also find the Graduate Student LiveBinder useful for writing Master's and PhD dissertations.

For quick reference visit the following sites. These sites have been selected for both the variety of information they offer and the ease of navigation within the site:

  • Purdue's OWL (Online Writing Lab) Resources, Handouts and Exercises - Purdue's OWL includes many EAL specific exercises and handouts for beginners and advanced learners. The site itself is subdivided for easy navigation including: general resources, online courses, Grammar and spelling, idioms, vocabulary and many other helpful categories. Its search function will also be helpful in finding exactly what you need.
  • EAL Links - A variety of links for both students and teachers of English as a second language. This site includes information on grammar, idioms and slang, and listening.
  • ESL pdf - This site contains over 200 free English grammar and vocabulary PDF worksheets for the classroom or self-study, including such categories as: vocabulary, verb tenses, articles, phrasal verbs, prepositions, adjectives and adverbs, holidays, and nouns/pronouns.


The following websites can help you with the pronunciation of English and are recommended by UM English Language Centre Instructors.

Useful on-line dictionaries that have the words pronounced aloud (if the user has a speaker on his/her computer) are:

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Other Useful U of M Resources

English Language Centre

Offers programs and courses to EAL students to prepare them for academic English usage, as well as providing assistance to students already enrolled in classes. The following part-time courses are offered by the English Language Centre: Academic Essays, Conversation and Discussion, Critical Reading and Summary Writing, Grammar Review, Oral Presentations, Pronunciation, Research Writing for Graduate Students, Oral English for Graduate Students (Medicine), and Research Writing for Graduate Students (Medicine). For a schedule of their courses, visit the part-time course schedule section of the ELC website.


If you are a U of M student in the Faculty of Graduate Studies and you are preparing for a thesis presentation, you are eligible to participate in ThesisSPEAK (Sessions to Practice English And communicate Knowledge clearly) offered by the English Language Centre at the U of M. Contact: Cheryl Bodnarus by email or call 204-474-9941 for more information or to request a registration form.

International Centre

This is the main hub for international students at the University of Manitoba. The International Center offers programs and services to all international students before and after their arrival in Canada to make the transition easier and more enjoyable and, above all, successful.

University of Manitoba Toastmasters

Provides students with an excellent and fun way to improve their oral skills and to meet new people.

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