Faculty Research
  • Elif Acar: copulas and vines, nonparametric function estimation, statistical genetics
  • John Brewster (Professor Emeritus): experimental design, foundations of statistics, statistical decision theory, computer experimentation
  • Smiley Cheng (Professor Emeritus): statistical quality control, total quality management, order statistics, statistical inference, probability, lotteries
  • Katherine Davies: point processes, forest fire modelling, order statistics, censoring methodology, reliability
  • James Fu (Professor Emeritus): statistical inference, large sample estimation, Probability of Large Deviation, distribution theory of runs and patterns, boundary crossing probabilities, applications of probability, system reliability, computer-intensive statistical methods
  • Mohammad Jafari Jozani: Bayesian methods, nonparametric statistics, Statistical Learning, small area estimation, statistical decision theory, statistical modeling and computation for complex data, ranked set sampling, measurement error, Wind Energy
  • Brad Johnson: probability, stochastic processes, mathematical statistics, distribution theory of runs and patterns, sampling theory
  • Alexandre Leblanc: nonparametric function estimation, semi-parametric methods in regression, inference from sparse multinomial data, asymptotics, Bayesian methods, computational statistics, decision theory, copulas, robustness, Depth related methods
  • Brian Macpherson (Senior Scholar): statistical quality control, total quality management, sampling theory, data analysis
  • Saumen Mandal: optimal regression design, design of experiments, optimal response-adaptive designs, statistical inference, linear models
  • Yuliya Martsynyuk: Error-in-variables models, regression models, invariance principles and related limit theorems, self-normalized and Studentized partial sums processes, domains of attraction of normal laws, nonparametric change-point analysis, Gaussian processes
  • Zenaida Mateo: statistical computing, data diagnostics, regression analysis, educational statistics
  • Ken Mount (Senior Scholar): statistical consulting
  • Saman Muthukumarana: Bayesian methods, computational statistics, mark-recapture methods, statistics in sports, social network analysis
  • Mrityunjay Samanta (): statistical inference, nonparametric statistics, density estimation
  • A. Thavaneswaran: inference for stochastic processes, prediction, filtering, smoothing, nonlinear time series, empirical financial time series modelling, survival analysis
  • Mahmoud Torabi (): spatial and temporal models, cluster detection, small area estimation, longitudinal data analysis, generalized (general) linear mixed models, measurement error, robust statistics
  • Liqun Wang: nonlinear system identification, statistical inference and computation, errors-in-variables, measurement error, Monte Carlo methods, boundary crossing probabilities, first passage time, biostatistics, econometrics, environmetrics
  • Xikui Wang: Markov decision processes, bandit processes, adaptive clinical trials, biostatistics, mathematical finance
  • Po Yang: Design of experiments and biostatistics
  • Yanqing Yi (Adjunct Professor): statistical design and analysis for clinical trials, dependent data analysis, survival data analysis, stochastic modeling and Markov processes, statistical modeling and computation for complex data

Congratulations to our February, 2017 graduates: Olawale Ayilara (M.Sc.), Md. Erfanul Hoque (M.Sc.).

Important Date

February 20 – February 24: Reading Week (No classes)

Upcoming Exam

STAT 2400 A01 Midterm 1
Wednesday, March 1 at 2:30 p.m.

Upcoming Seminars

Statistics seminar: Elif Acar — Thursday, March 9 at 2:45 p.m., P230 Duff Roblin.

Statistics seminar: Gregory Rice — Thursday, March 16 at 2:45 p.m., P230 Duff Roblin.

Statistics seminar: Saman Muthukumarana — Thursday, March 23 at 2:45 p.m., P230 Duff Roblin.

Statistics seminar: Lei Sun — Thursday, March 30 at 2:45 p.m., P230 Duff Roblin.

Where are they now?

Ayat Al-Meanazel, Ph.D. (2015)

Wan-Chen Lee, Ph.D. (2014)