Saman Muthukumarana
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Associate Professor

Office 371 Machray Hall
(204) 474-6274

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Research Interests

Bayesian methods, computational statistics, mark-recapture methods, statistics in sports, social network analysis

Recent Publications

  • Muthukumarana, S., Martell, D. and Tiwari, R.C. (2017). Meta Analysis of Binary Data with Excessive Zeros in Two-arm Trials. Under Review.
  • Kroeker, K., Widdifield, J., Muthukumarana, S., Jiang, D. and Lix, L. (2017). Model-based methods for case definitions from administrative health data: application to rheumatoid arthritis. BMJ open 7 (6), e016173.
  • Kpekpena, C. and Muthukumarana, S. (2016). Bayesian Analysis of Binary Data in Two-arm Trials. Under Review.
  • Kuwornu, J.P., Lix, L.M., Quail, J.M., Forget, E., Muthukumarana, S., Wang, X.E., Osman, M. and Teare, G.F. (2016). Identifying Distinct Healthcare Pathways During Episodes of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Exacerbations. Medicine, 95 (9), e2888.
  • Muthukumarana, S. and Tiwari, R.C. (2016). Meta-Analysis using Dirichlet Process. Statistical Methods in Medical Research 25 (1), 352-365.

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Recent Conference and Seminar Presentations

  • Modeling and Simulation of UEFA Champions League, Joint Statistical Meetings, Baltimore, August 2017.
  • Assessing Personality Traits in Ordinal Survey Data, 75th ICP Conference, Pace University, New York, July 2017. (Invited).
  • Bayesian Methods with Biological Applications, Department of Biological Sciences Seminar Series, University of Manitoba, April 2017. (Invited).
  • Meta-analytic Methods using Dirichlet Process, Department of Statistics Seminar Series, University of Manitoba, April 2017.
  • Bayesian Approach for Analyzing Data Arising from Two-Arm Trials, ODRS Conference 2016, McMaster University Hamilton Ontario, August 7-10 2016. (Invited).
  • Non-inferiority Hypothesis Testing in Two-arm Trials using Relative Belief Ratios, International Conference on Statistical Distributions and Applications (ICOSDA), Niagara Falls Ontario, October 14-16 2016. (Invited).
  • Panelist on Speed Networking Session, Canadian Society for Epidemiology and Biostatistics National Student Conference, Brodie Centre(Bannatyne Campus) Winnipeg, June 8-10 2016. (Invited).
  • Bayesian Inference in Two-arm Trials, IISA Conference, Riverside California, July 2014. (Invited)
  • Bayesian Hypothesis Assessment in Two-arm Trials Using Relative Belief Ratios, Statistical Society of Canada annual Meeting, University of Toronto, May 2014.
  • Statistical Methods for Noninferiority Trials, Joint Statistical Meetings, Montreal, August 2013. (Topic contributed)
  • Statistical Heterogeneity in Multi-arm Clinical trials: A Meta Analysis Approach, ICSA/ISBS Joint Statistical Conference, Washington D.C, June 2013. (Invited).
  • Bayesian Analysis and Model Assessment of Binary Item Response Data, Statistical Society of Canada annual Meeting, University of Alberta, Edmonton Alberta, May 2013.
  • Panel Session on Methodological Innovations for Patient-Oriented Research, The George & Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation (CHI), University of Manitoba / Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, December 2012 (12/12/12/12 Noon). (Invited).
  • Random-Effects Meta-Analysis Using Dirichlet Process, Joint Statistical Meetings, San Diego California, August 2012. (Topic contributed).
  • Modelling Heterogeneity in Mark-recapture Data Using the Dirichlet Process, ISBA 2012 World Meeting, Kyoto Japan, June 2012. (Special Topic Session).
  • Assessing Noninferiority in Multi Arm Clinical Trials, Statistical Society of Canada annual Meeting, University of Guelph, Guelph Ontario, June 2012. (Invited).

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Current and Recent Teaching

  • STAT 7270 Bayesian Inference (Winter 2017)
  • STAT 7240 Advanced Computational Statistics (Fall 2016)
  • STAT 3480 Statistical Methods for Research Workers 2 (Winter 2016)
  • STAT 3470 Statistical Methods for Research Workers 1 (Fall 2015)
  • STAT 7250 Bayesian Computational Analysis (Fall 2015)
  • STAT 7360 Nonparametric Bayesian Models (Winter 2015)
  • STAT 3480 Statistical Methods for Research Workers 2 (Winter 2015)
  • STAT 7250 Bayesian Computational Analysis (Winter 2014)
  • STAT 3480 Statistical Methods for Research Workers 2 (Winter 2014)
  • STAT 1000 Basic Statistical Analysis 1 (Fall 2013)
  • STAT 4200 Statistical Inference 2 (Winter 2013)
  • STAT 4100 Statistical Inference 1 (Fall 2012)

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Current and Recent Graduate Students

  • Mohammed Mujaab Kamso (M.Sc., Current, co-supervise with Saumen Mandal)
  • Inesh Prabuddha Munaweera (M.Sc., Current, co-supervise with M. Jafari Jozani)
  • Weijia Zhang (Ph.D., Current, co-supervise with Po Yang)
  • Lahiru Wickramasinghe (Ph.D., Current, co-supervise with Alex Leblanc)
  • Ankit Doshi (Ph.D., Current, co-supervise with Brad Johnson)
  • Lahiru Wickramasinghe (M.Sc., 2015)
  • Peng Zhang (M.Sc., 2014)
  • Cynthia Kpekpena (M.Sc., 2014)
  • Jing Zhang (M.Sc., 2012)

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Saman joined the Department of Statistics as an Assistant Professor on July 1, 2010. He obtained a B.Sc. Honours special degree in Statistics from University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Colombo, Sri Lanka. In spring 2007, he completed a Master of Science degree in statistics under the supervision of Dr. Tim Swartz at Simon Fraser University. His thesis developed a Bayesian Analysis template for the Pacific Ocean Shelf Tracking project. This work was published in the Canadian Journal of Statistics as a discussed paper. He then continued to work with Dr. Tim Swartz for his doctoral thesis and completed his Ph.D. on June 2010. His thesis developed new theoretical and computational methodologies which deal with latent variable models and complex model structures for problems in sports, ordinal survey and network data. This work has been published in the Canadian Journal of Statistics and Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics.

Important Dates

December 11 – December 21: Fall Term Exam Period (includes tests and midterm exams for Fall/Winter Term classes)

December 22 – January 1: Winter Holiday (University Closed)

Upcoming Exams

STAT 2400 A01 Final Exam
Wednesday, December 13 at 1:30 p.m.

STAT 3400 A01 Final Exam
Wednesday, December 13 at 1:30 p.m.

STAT 4530 A01 Final Exam
Thursday, December 14 at 9:00 a.m.

STAT 3470 A01 Final Exam
Friday, December 15 at 9:00 a.m.

Upcoming Seminar

PIMS lecture: Pauline van den Driessche — Thursday, January 18 at 4 p.m., Robert Schultz Theatre.

Where are they now?

Yung-Ming Chang, Ph.D. (2002)

Yanqing Yi, Ph.D. (2008)