Terms of Reference

The Support Staff Endowment Fund is a University trust established to support activities and projects which promote excellence among the members of the Support Staff and the University of Manitoba. The Support Staff Endowment Fund Advisory Committee supervises and directs the disbursement of the interest income of this fund.

The interest income from the fund is to be used to support:
  1. Support staff development and training - book and project awards, fellowships, fieldtrips, etc.
  2. Development and enhancement of resources for support staff members - training seminars, resource library, newsletter, etc.

      Date Approved

      May 1986

      October 1990, November 1990, February 1994, January 1998, February 2000, October 2004,
      January 2005, May 2006, June 2011


      Members shall be selected to provide a fair and equitable representation of all University Departments with both male and female representation and include one representative from each of the following support staff groups:
      • Union
      • Non-union
      • Bannatyne Campus
      • Fort Garry Campus

      There shall be 12 members on the committee. The quorum shall be 50% of the 12 members.

      Term of Service:

      Members shall serve for a three [3] year term renewable annually thereafter.

      The maximum continuous terms of service for any member will be 6 years.  

      *The SSEF Executive may extend a member's term beyond the maximum 6 year term. The extension would be for one year and take into consideration the member's past and present contribution to the Fund a the committee level.



      The Committee shall solicit applications from all Support Staff at the University. The current Committee shall select a maximum of 8 members to replace members whose maximum 6 year term has expired or who are not interested in continuing beyond the first 3 year term.

      If a vacancy occurs during a term, the Committee may make an appointment or call for applications to complete the term.

      The Committee may request the resignation of any member who has not attended 3 consecutive meetings.

      The Committee will select 2 Co-Chairs [one from each campus], a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Membership Chair, a Field Trip Coordinator, Assistant Field Trip Coordinator, an Information Provider (website maintenance), Awards Chair, Public Relations Chair, Member-at-Large (2).

      The Nominations Chair will be responsible for securing applications for vacant positions.

      The Awards Chair will be responsible for distribution, collection and collation of Awards applications.

      The Secretary will record, distribute and file minutes of all meetings.

      The Treasurer will maintain and reconcile the financial records provided by the Comptroller's office and be responsible for distributing funds to approved projects in accordance with University of Manitoba policies and procedures. Signing authorities shall be the Co-Chairs and the Treasurer.

      Officers shall be elected for a one year term.

      Principles for Distribution of the Fund:
      1. There will be no encroachment on the capital of the fund. Only interest income may be used to fund awards.
      2. All or a portion of the interest income may be reinvested in the Fund at the discretion of the Committee.
      3. Interest income need not be disbursed in the year in which it is earned.
      4. The Committee will distribute application forms for awards from the Fund to all support staff at least once a year. Decisions regarding the allocation of funds will be made by a simple majority and the availability of funds, following the criteria as stated in the application form [appendix 1]. The resulting recommendations will be forwarded to the President’s office [or designate] for approval and the Board of Governors for information. The President may decline to authorize the funding of any project that the Committee recommends but will not fund any projects not recommended by the Committee.
      5. The Committee will publish its final award selections annually in the University Bulletin.
      6. The Committee will meet at least twice a year.

      Public Relations:

      The Committee will assist the Department of Private Funding to seek ongoing support to increase the capital in the Support Staff Endowment Fund.

      Fieldtrip Participation

      Notwithstanding that it is mandatory that all applicants to participate in SSEF sponsored fieldtrips must be University of Manitoba employees [employed a minimum of 50% position as defined by Human Resources Department, UM], and that a suitable position match can be arranged at the host University, the following terms will apply:

      1] Automatic Waiver for Acceptance

      a] Field Trip coordinator
      b] Up to 6 Members of SSEFAC who wish to participate
      c] U of M HR Liaison

      2] Regulations for Selection of Remaining Spaces

      a] First time applicant
      b] Lottery draw if more applicants than spaces remain
      c] Conflicts determined by SSEFAC discussion and vote