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All Support Staff (and their family) are welcome to participate in all excursions

Upcoming Events

Food, Nutrition, and Healthy Eating Webinar

September 30, 2020

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Presenter Monisola A. Alashi PhD.

Food vs Health: The struggle is real - What motivates you?

Food is a major uniting factor for all humans, an important aspect of our culture which usually occupies a large part of our day. One of the major question that comes to mind with food in relation to health is usually ‘why can’t I eat whatever I want without adding weight or getting sick’? For most people, the struggle to maintain a healthy life style while eating anything they so desire is real. Therefore, the ability to maintain  a healthy lifestyle with food is something everyone should be curious about. This webinar aims to discuss some important fundamentals about food nutrients and composition in relation to health risks, age, sex and lifestyle choices.

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Past Events

January 2020





The actual exchange will start at 12:15 p.m.


Join us for a walk on Fort Garry Campus and visit the Ed Leith Cretaceous Menagerie located in Wallace Building.
**tour meets at Curry Place (the greenspace between Education and Architecture)
August Join us for a walk to Kings Park.
**tour meets at Curry Place (the greenspace between Education and Architecture)
 KIngs Park
August VIP Bus Tour
Includes 3 pavilions and a progressive meal
September A Maze-ing Race at A Maze In Corn  A Maze In Corn

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