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*** IMPORTANT UPDATE for the 2018 Support Staff Learning Exchange***

Based on valuable feedback we have decided to fly to the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon for the upcoming 2018 Support Learning Exchange. 

Cost of trip will still be approximately $775

Due to this change we have also extended the deadline for applications until July 13th 



Support Staff Learning Exchange 2018

University of Saskatchewan

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Support Staff Endowment Fund Committee (SSEF) and Learning and Organizational Development are excited to invite you to join us for the 20th annual Support Staff Learning Exchange (SSLE) to the University of Saskatchewan

Beneficial professional opportunity!

This program has been designed to support your professional development and enhance the network of individuals you share ideas with in your unit.

·         Exchange ideas with counterparts at the University of Saskatchewan

·         Learn how colleagues administer programs and services

·         Bring back lessons learned

The learning exchange takes place in the fall, from October 18th to 21st. The program is financially supported by the Support Staff Endowment Fund (SSEF), and by the participant’s own department.

The University of Saskatchewan is one of 15 research-intensive universities (U15) and most closely parallels the University of Manitoba in regards to faculties and departments!

Our Marquee event could very well be a Bison Football game against the Saskatchewan Huskies!

Saskatoon is a beautiful city which straddles the South Saskatchewan River.


With so much to offer, Saskatoon is one of Canada’s most talked about destinations.

For more information please visit:

Tourism Saskatoon


University of Saskatchewan




2018 Support Staff Learning Exchange application is now closed



Please note: award opportunities are currently available, please visit our Awards page for more information.