BIOL 7100


Learning skills for a career in scientific research in Biological Sciences including: using the scientific method, applying for NSERC funding, maintaining a CV, abstract writing, ethics in research, research protocols and biosafety and biohazards, statistical designs and their assumptions, literature searching, critical thinking, critiquing the scientific literature, making teaching and research presentations. Not to be held with Methodology of Research ANAT 7090.

Fall 2017 section

Lecture section

  • A01
    Instructors: Gary Anderson
    CRN: 12520
    Lecture Location: 401 Biological Sciences
    Dates: September 07 – December 08
    Time: 10:30 AM–12:20 PM, M.

Important Dates

December 22 – January 1: Winter Holiday (University Closed)

January 3: First day of classes for Winter Term