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Programs Offered Program Length
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (General) 3 years
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (Honours) 4 years
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Art History 3 years
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Art History (Honours) 4 years
Diploma of Art 4 years



Undergraduate student experience at the School of Art differs dramatically from other University of Manitoba programs. Shared classroom and studio study, research, one-on-one dialogue, and group critiques develop a sense of individuality within a community.

Students' creative and expressive development is supported in art history, which is a branch of the humanities, and the following art studios: ceramics, drawing, graphic design, painting, photography, print media, sculpture and video.



If you wish to pursue further studies at the university level, you should enrol in one of our Bachelor programs. A bachelor degree, either general or honours, is required for entry into the Bachelor of Education program and several other university programs. A Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) is required to study at art at the master's level. Degree students must take academic elective courses outside the School of Art along with an English literature course and a Math course.

The Diploma in Fine Arts program is a four-year program with only School of Art courses, and is intended for anyone who wishes to work in a particular artistic field. The Diploma program is for students who do not intend to teach or go on to a graduate program.

Students who apply to, and are accepted into, the Diploma program may choose to transfer to the Degree program. Usually students decide to make this change after their first year. To transfer to the Degree program, students must contact the School of Art Student Advisor for assistance.



Field trips to galleries and museums to Minneapolis and Chicago are part of the curriculum. There are numerous liaisons and co-operative ventures with other professional and academic units. Workshops, contact with granting agencies, and visits to cultural organizations, galleries, businesses, and artists' studios may be arranged. Faculty and distinguished guest speakers give extra slide lectures, seminars, demonstrations and critiques.

For more information about the individual course subjects offered at the School of Art, visit our art history page and our art studios page.



Students who wish to acquire a BFA in Art History must enter through University 1, but University 1 students who wish to explore the possibility of a BFA degree in studio art may enroll in first year fine arts courses. University 1 students may choose up to 30 credit hours of fine arts courses, including art history, studio courses and electives. To transit into the School of Art, all prospective students must apply for admission with a portfolio of artwork. Students may use works created in first year fine arts studios in their portfolio.

Formal entry into the School of Art enables students to enroll in second year courses.

Look for information about portfolios and submission deadlines.

More information about University 1 courses is available from the U1 Start Book.

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