Art History


The School of Art offers a three year B.F.A. degree in Art History and a four year B.F.A. Honours degree in Art History, with courses open to art history majors and to students in the studio areas. Art History is a branch of the humanities.

Programs Offered Program Length
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Art History 3 years
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Art History (Honours) 4 years



All first year students are required to take Intro to Art 1 and 2. These courses examine, in a chronological order, the development of art worldwide from the prehistoric period to the present. Students will learn about artists, art movements, directions, styles, and social contexts. Cultural comparisons, aesthetics, theory, criticism, and research methodologies are also fundamental concerns. Students also have the option to take an introductory course specifically devoted to Asian art which focuses on the manner in which religion and political ideologies impact art in India, China and Japan.



Second year courses offer concentration in specific areas such as the Medieval to Renaissance era, the Renaissance to the Baroque, the Modern to the Contemporary as well as courses that have a single focal area such as Women and Art or an Introduction to Aboriginal Art.



During the third year, students will take courses that offer a more defined curriculum related to one artistic movement or era. Students will explore further concepts of art and theory in Contemporary Art, History of Ceramics, Islamic Art, or Special Topics courses that focus on aspects of medieval art, such as Stained Glass, Surrealism, the Symbolists, the Art of Edo, Manitoba Modernism, or Contemporary Aboriginal Art. The Special Topics courses allow flexibility in core subject areas, while allowing a rotation of new courses addressing faculty and student interests in current issues and new approaches to the discipline of art history. We are currently exploring new opportunities for field studies in art history.