Kevin Kelly
Associate Professor

Kevin Kelly
373 Tache


MFA (Rutgers)
BFA (Victoria)



Kevin Kelly has produced a number of series that present both humorous and serious critiques of mediated images of landscape. In his practice, Kelly is interested in creating an accessible psychological and physical space that includes the viewer as an observer and participant. Though he was trained as a painter and produces numerous canvases, Kelly creates his works via an interdisciplinary practice. He is intrigued by the crossover of the aesthetics carried from one media to another. These natural history landscape projects reveal the sometimes ambiguous, frontiers between culture and nature. Kelly's interactive web museum presents some of the landscapes, city-scapes, space-scapes, dioramas, aqua-scapes, body-scapes, and psyche-scapes that he has been creating since studying at the Jan Van Eyck Akademie in 1987, Maastricht, The Netherlands.