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Graduate Awards and Scholarships

Students are encouraged to investigate the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) Awards Database to locate scholarships and bursaries. Each University department is responsible for adding their internal awards to the database for the information of students.

Faculty of Graduate Studies sends out a weekly email with lists of awards and their deadlines.


James Barclay Hartman Scholarship in Fine Arts
Two annual scholarships for full-time graduate students who have developed the strongest bodies of work as determined by the selection committee.
Deadline: TBA

Marvin and Irma (Irmagard A.) Penn Scholarship in Fine Arts
One scholarship for a full-time graduate student who has submitted the best project grant proposal to complete the final stages of the studio engagement or exhibition component for the Masters Thesis.
Deadline: TBA


Mona Gray Creative Arts Scholarship
This scholarship is offered by the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba. Applicants must be a Bachelors Degree graduate of a Manitoba university and be pursuing graduate studies in one of the following areas: creative writing, film, fine arts, music, theatre, dance, or photography. This is a $5,000 award based on artistic merit, financial need, community involvement and academic achievement.
Deadline: February 28

$5,000 per year awarded to one person.*

Please visit the Jewish Foundation of Manitoba's website for the Application Form and Guidelines.

To be eligible for the Mona Gray Creative Arts Scholarship, an applicant:

  • Must be a Bachelors Degree graduate of a Manitoba University; and
  • Must be pursuing graduate studies within or outside the Province of Manitoba in one of the following areas: creative writing; film; fine arts; music; theatre; dance; photography; and
  • Must not be a prior recipient of this scholarship

* The Foundation Education award Committee reserves the right not to award these scholarships each year and to request an interview for any of these awards.

Canadian Federation of University Women

CFUW Elizabeth Massey Award, valued at $2,000 and established in 2006, is in memory of Elizabeth Massey, a young lawyer and member of CFUW whose life was greatly enriched by her love of the creative arts. For post-graduate studies in music, painting or sculpture in Canada or abroad.

CFUW Dr. Alice E. Wilson Awards, valued $6,000, is two (2) awards at the master's level and three (3) for doctoral level study. Dr. Alice E. Wilson, CFUW member, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and the first woman to hold a professional position at the Geological Survey of Canada, won the 1926 CFUW Travelling Fellowship. Awarded to mature students returning to graduate studies in any field, with special consideration given to those returning to study after at least three years.
Deadline: November 1

Visit the Canadian Federation of University Women website for application details.

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Graduate Fellowships
Departments receive a quota based on enrollment. The value of the fellowship is $12,000 over a 12-month period.

Manitoba Graduate Scholarship
The Government of Manitoba has provided funds to ensure that Manitoba's best students continue education at home, to foster research that leads to economic growth and to attract excellent students to study in Manitoba. These funds are used to offer the Manitoba Graduate Scholarship (MGS).

The University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship (UMGF) competition is used to determine the recipients the MGS. Highly ranked new masters UMGF recipients may be upgraded to the MGS for masters students. The MGS upgrades and MGS top ups will be offered in July of each year. Only students who have received a UMGF offer as of June 30 will be included in the supplemental offers and upgrades.

Value for a 12 month period: masters $15,000 (the UMGF must be declined)

Academic standing: Students with a minimum GPA of 3.75 (above B+) in the last two full years of study at a recognized university based on a Bachelor, Masters, Graduate Diploma or a Doctoral degree. Please use admissions criteria in calculating GPA, i.e., last 60 credit hours or equivalent.

Citizenship: All students regardless of citizenship are eligible to apply. Canadian citizens and permanent residents are encouraged to apply to CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC scholarships, if they are eligible for funding from these research councils. Tricouncil eligible students who do not apply for a tricouncil award may be considered ineligible for a UMGF.

Fields of study: Students in all fields of study of graduate studies are eligible to apply.

Years of graduate study: Students are eligible to receive the MGS for the first 24 months of their masters program.

Faculty of Graduate Studies Emergency Loan Program
Faculty of Graduate Studies has discretionary funds to make small, short-term loans to students. Click here to download the application form for an Emergency Loan.

University of Manitoba Graduate Students Association
Department Grants are available to departmental graduate students associations who are represented on the GSA council. Department Grants are allocated in two disbursements: one in December, the second in May. Applications are available online and at the GSA office. Qualification for department grants is based on regular attendance at Council and participation in an internal GSA Committee.
Completed applications are due: November 1 and April 1

Conference Grants are available for graduate students attending or presenting at conferences. Applications are available online and at the GSA office, and grants will be disbursed monthly.

Special Project Grants are available for projects, events, or items which could benefit the graduate student population. Past project have included guest speakers, professional development workshops, and graduate publications. Applications are also available online and at the GSA office, and grants will be disbursed monthly.

The Graduate Students' Association operates a scholarship fund, which disburses awards to students demonstrating financial need and academic promise. The University also has a general bursary for which graduate students may apply. These funds are administered through the U of M's Financial Aid and Awards office.

The GSA also administers the Innovation, Stewardship, and Excellence (ISE) awards; also more commonly know as the GSA Awards. These are one-time awards available to support students without external funding and who have demonstrated excellence in many areas of student life, innovation in their research, and a strong commitment to their community. Applications and award guidelines will be available online in the winter on the GSA website, the GSA office, the Faculty of Graduate Studies, and through departmental administrative assistants.


Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)
Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program - Master's Scholarships

The Joseph-Armand Bombardier scholarship has a value of $17,500. Emphasis is on the research which in the fine arts context includes students working towards their masters thesis or exhibition. University of Manitoba FGS has a quota of 32 grants. Applications are first assessed by the School of Art and then, if approved, are forwarded to Faculty of Graduate Studies who review them again. If approved at this level, they are forwarded to SSHRC. The School of Art application deadline is in mid-October, and results are announced by SSHRC in the following spring. The application form is available for completion online and is then printed for distribution for departmental appraisal. SSHRC and the University host a fall presentation for potential applicants via the web.

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Manitoba Arts Council Student Bursary Program
Up to $3,000 for Graduate Students studying in Canada. Permanent Manitoba residents are eligible.
Application deadline: June 1
For more information visit the Manitoba Arts Council website.

Kristen Pauch-Nolin, Program Consultant
t 204.945.3384

Manitoba Arts Council
525 - 93 Lombard Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 3B1
t 204.945.2237
f 204.945.5925
Toll Free: 1.866.994.ARTS(2787)

Winnipeg Arts Council
There is no program to fund academic studies, although MFA students who are permanent Winnipeg residents would be eligible to apply for projects that are outside their school program work. For more information visit the Winnipeg Arts Council website.

Contact Winnipeg Arts Council
103-110 Princess Street
Winnipeg MB R3B 1K7
t 204.943.7668
f 204.943.8669

Canadian Federal, Provincial and Territorial Government Loans/Bursaries
Application for these need-based loans/bursaries is made to the province or territory where the student is considered a resident. Provincial rules vary but, in general, students may use the loan to study at the university of their choice, in any province. These loans are guaranteed, interest free, and need not be repaid as long as the recipient is enrolled in a full-time course of study. They can be accumulated over several years and the repayment period may extend to ten years. Further information on federal/provincial loans is available at:
University of Manitoba's Financial Aid and Awards Office.
422 University Centre

International Students
International Graduate students should refer to the
Faculty of Graduate Studies for information on awards and scholarships for international graduate students.


Canadian Painting Competition
Established in 1999, the RBC Canadian Painting Competition, with the support of the Canadian Art Foundation, is a unique initiative to help nurture and support promising new artists in the early stages of their careers; a time when they need both recognition and financial support.

A regional jury panel of distinguished members of the arts community, will select five paintings from their regions as follows: Eastern (Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, Newfoundland and Labrador), Central (Ontario) and Western Canada (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut). The three jury panels will then select one national winner and two honourable mentions from the 15 semi-finalists. The national winner will receive $25,000 and the two honourable mentions will each receive $15,000. The 15 semi-finalists will be announced in June and the winners in October.

Information about the 2012 competition will be posted February 2012 on the RBC website.

Joseph Plaskett Award
Funded by The Joseph Plaskett Foundation. Administered by the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts (RCA). Established in 2004 by the artist Joe Plaskett, the Joseph Plaskett Award provides $25,000 to help fund an emerging Canadian painter who will live, create artwork, travel or study in Europe (may include the UK) for the better part of one year.

The candidate chosen for the Plaskett Award will be:

  • an outstanding emerging Canadian artist in the field of painting.
  • a Canadian student currently enrolled or accepted in a master's program in Canada with a practice specialization of painting, or having recently (within 12 months) obtained a Master's degree with a specialization of painting.

To find more information, including application deadlines, visit the Joseph Plaskett website.

Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation
The objective of the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation is to promote, by its charitable activities, an appreciation of traditional expression in painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking by aiding worthy art students, artists or sculptors who need further training or other assistance during their formative years. Awards are limited to candidates in the early stages of their careers and who are working in a representational style in painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking. The terms of the Foundation's Charter preclude consideration of non-objective art.

To be eligible for a grant, candidates must:

  • have already started or completed training in an established school of art, and/or
  • demonstrate, through past work and future plans, a commitment to making art a lifetime career.

The Foundation will not accept applications from commercial artists, photographers, video; artists, filmmakers, craft-makers or any artist whose work falls primarily into these categories.

First grants are in the amount of CAD$15,000 each, and second and third grants are in the amount of CAD$18,000 each. The Foundation reserves the right to award grants in other amounts.

Visit the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation website to download an application form.

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