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The Art Wing of Taché Hall (adjacent to and connected to ARTlab via two skywalks) houses faculty offices, graduate student offices/studios, student galleries, and new wet photography labs and darkrooms. 



Photography students may work in both traditional and digital technologies and our facilities are currently split between ARTlab and Taché Hall. The Digital MAClab classroom, MAClab Digital Production area and Lighting Studio facilities are located in the ARTlab Building, and the traditional Darkrooms and Media Crib facilities in Taché Hall. The MACLab classroom supports lectures, scanning and digital workflow; the MACLab Digital Production area provides a range of digital print outputs, while the Lighting Studio in ARTlab offers an additional space and equipment for projects requiring a studio lighting set-up. The School of Art is pleased to offer brand-new Colour and Black & White Darkrooms including: six individual-use colour enlarging rooms, a communal-use black and white darkroom with fifteen enlargers, an alternative processing room, film loading room, a naturally lit film developing room. All rooms are equipped with full-size stainless steel communal-use sinks, hardware with temperature controlled water and state of the art ventilation and safety lights. The Media Crib offers students access to digital and film equipment as well as lighting kits, and audio visual equipment.



The Darkroom is complete with a communal-use Film Processing (room 156) that includes a ten ft. stainless steel sink, temperature water controls, an Arkay film dryer, 72” light-table, a Rotatrim Professional M36 for trimming prints up to 36”, a Seal Commercial 200 heated press for mounting prints up to 20”x24” and a Kreonite Promate II for processing colour prints up to 24”.  Located in our five individual Colour Darkrooms (156A-E) students will use the LPL 4x5 Modular Diffusion Enlargers with the Kreonite Promate II processor right across the hallway.  In the communal-use B&W Darkroom (156G) there are fifteen LPL VCCE VC 7700 Enlargers, two ten ft. and one five ft. stainless steel sinks, a Fiber Print washer for prints up to 20”. In the Alternative Processes darkroom (158) there is a ten ft. stainless steel sink, with 4x5 Modular Diffusion Enlarger and 8x10 Enlarger prospects. This room can be used for large format printing, cyanotype and van dyke printing, etc.  All darkrooms have state of the art ventilation, Bessler Easels and custom light-tight drawers.




 The Lighting Studio is a bookable space with natural light and black out curtains. The Studio is equipped with a great selection of strobe and hot lights, multiple backdrops, scrims, soft boxes and accessories. In addition, the studio comes with a boom lighting rig, copy stand, seamless 3D lighting table and 3D Cocoon.  Finally, the MAClab offers 40 Macintosh work stations with two large format Epson 11000XL Scanners with 12" x 17" scanning bed capabilities. The Digital Print Production area has several large format archival printers with a maximum print size of 64" wide, supporting a very wide range of printable materials.  It also has a vinyl cutter with of width of 64 inch.  Click on SoA Digital Print Production Area for more information.



MEDIA CRIB (147 Taché Hall)


Monday - Thursday:    1:00pm - 3:00pm

*Hours are subject to change.  In the event of a long weekend or holiday, a revised return schedule will be posted outside of the Media Crib for that week.

School of Art Students with a valid Media Crib membership may borrow cameras, lighting kits, tripods, video cameras, and other equipment for their projects.

Memberships are available for purchase through the Media Crib and priced as follows:

September-April (inclusive):                $40 (+ tax)
May to June (inclusive):                       $20 (+ tax)
July to August (inclusive):                   $20 (+ tax)

After membership payment is received, and an Equipment Loan Agreement [pdf] has been signed, Media Crib members will receive a colored sticker to place on their U of M ID card.  The color of the sticker determines what is available for loan, depending on the members year in the School of Art, the classes they are currently enrolled in, and/or the classes they have already completed:
  • Blue sticker = All School of Art Students
  • Red sticker = Students who have completed, and/or are currently enrolled, in a 3000 level photo and/or video class
  • Gold sticker = Senior Studio and MFA students in photo and/or video
Please see the Media Crib Equipment List [pdf] or Reservation Form [pdf] to view what is available to each color group.

For more information, please refer to the Equipment Loan Policy [pdf] or contact:
Lindsey Bond
Photo Technician and Media Crib manager
147 Taché Hall
Telephone: 204.474.8977
Email: soamcrib@umanitoba.ca