UAB NE Thing

Uncovering Artists' Books


Curator: Geraldine Davis

Artists’ books read at once as sensual, spatial and tactile; they open our reading experience to the multi-sensory perception of books as art objects. Uncovering Artists' Books explores this rich artistic practice, highlighting its significant contribution to the history of visual art in Canada.

Curator Geraldine Davis investigates these often overlooked creations, bringing us the opportunity to experience the intimate relationships with literature, visual culture and documentation that they deliver. Artists’ books form an integral part of most art movements; many important painters, sculptors and especially printmakers have chosen to make book arts a significant part of their practices. Experimental and collaborative attitudes prevail in these objects; contemporary examples incorporate new technologies and digital formats into the genre of artists’ books.

About the Curator
Geraldine Davis is an independent curator and art dealer based in Toronto. Launching her professional career with the publication of a collaborative artist's book, A Rebel Gravity 1978, she has curated a number of major exhibitions and exhibitions catalogues, some of which include Art at Work: Corporate Collecting Practices Today (Art Gallery of Mississauga), J.C. Heywood: A Life in Layers (Burnaby Art Gallery), and Printshops of Canada (Macdonald Stewart Art Centre). Uncovering Artists' Books was initiated by the curator in collaboration with the Grimsby Public Art Gallery in 2016.

Exhibition Run
October 10 - December 1, 2017

October 25, 4:30 - 7:30 pm

Exhibition tour with curator
October 25, 5:30 pm

Some featured books    
Pierre Ayot & Jehane Benoit (1943-1995), Rose nanan (sucré longtemps), 1973
John Baldessari, The Telephone Book, 1988,
Iain Baxter, N.E. Thing, A portfolio of piles, 1968
Douglas Beube, Manhattan Street Romance, 1982
Paul-Émile Borduas (1905–1960) Refus Global, 1948  
John Boyle & Dennis Tourbin, Port Dalhouse Stories, 1987
General Idea, Getting into the Spirits Cocktail Book, 1981
David Bolduc, December/February '87 '88, Roy Ki Kiyioka, 1995
Jo Cook, HGFED.JANVr, 2012
Kate Craig, Art and correspondence from the Western Front, 1979
Moyra Davey, Copperheads, 2010
René Derouin, Boréales, Atlantique Nord, 1999
Hamish Fulton, Ajawaan, 1987
Eldon Garnet, Caves, 1992
Gilles Hénault & Albert Dumouchel, Totems, 1953
Saint Hildegard, Symphonia armonie celestium revelationum. Selections, 2001
Edwin H. Holgate & Robert Choquette, poem, 1931
Image Bank, Image Bank Postcard Show, 1971
Nobuo Kubota, Phonic Slices, 2001
Luis Jacob, Album, 2001
Ray Johnson, Paper Snake, 2014
Sol Lewitt (1928-2007), Autobiography Sol Lewitt, 1980
Joan Lyons, The Gynecologist, 1989
Arnaud Maggs (1926-2012), Hotel, 1993
Steve McCaffrey, Carnival Panel 3, 1975
Norman McLaren, Six drawings of Norman McLaren Put into Music, 1967
Jean-Paul Mousseau (1927–1991) & Claude Gauvreau (1925–1971), Sur fil metamorphose, 1956
Antoine Pentsch, Baudelaire, sous l'occupation, 2006
R. Murray Shafer, Smoke (A Novel), 1976
Arnold Shives, Mountain Journal, 2001
Susan Geraldine Taylor, Ode to the Grand Central Experimental Farm of Canada, 1986
Vincent Trasov, The Rise and Fall of the Peanut Party, 1988
Gerard Tremblay & Roland Giguère,  Midi perdu, 1951
Ian Wallace & Joanne Birnie Danzker, Ian Wallace: Work, 1979, 1979
Joyce Wieland (1938-1998), True Patriot Love, 1971