"Bringing Research to Life"

As the first university established in western Canada, the University of Manitoba has been at the centre of research in Manitoba for more than a century.  From the development of canola and advances in wireless communication, to the prevention of Rh disease of the newborn and breakthrough discoveries concerning the transmission of HIV/AIDS, our researchers have made contributions that have had a global impact. 

Today, our faculty and students continue to earn international acclaim in fields as diverse as infectious diseases, Canadian history, materials science, civil infrastructure, population and community health, sustainable agriculture and northern research, to name just a few.  More than ever before, our researchers are collaborating beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries, sharing their expertise, experience and passion for discovery.

The University of Manitoba is the only research-intensive university in the province, and the vast majority of research undertaken in Manitoba takes place on one of our campuses or at our research stations. As the hub for graduate education in the province, we are also the major contributor to the supply of highly qualified personnel that are increasingly in demand by business, industry and government.

University of Manitoba scientists, engineers, artists and scholars are finding innovative solutions to many of the challenges facing Canada and the world in the 21st century. With the support of our partners in research, including governments, business and industry, and community organizations, they are discovering new ways to improve our health, increase our understanding of ourselves and our world, advance our technology, strengthen our communities and protect our environment.

I encourage you to review our Strategic Research Plan, which describes our current areas of established and emerging research strength, as well as our research vision, goals and actions.

I also invite you to visit our Research home page to learn more about our broad range of innovative and exciting research activities, as well as the support services and programs that allow us to continue to bring research to life.

Digvir S. Jayas
Vice-President (Research and International)