Assess & Protect Your Ideas

Protection of your idea
Protecting your idea is important for the future success of your start-up company. Some considerations:

  • Contact Partnerships & Innovation when having a start-up idea and want to maintain confidentiality of this idea.
  • Familiarize yourself with Intellectual Property policy (IP policy).
  • Find the right team members for your start-up.
  • Network with other entrepreneurs, funding agencies, industry representatives, and potential inventors with out disclosing details of your idea unless working under a Mutual Confidentiality Agreement (doc).
  • Prepare and practice a company pitch for both potential investors and costumers. Be concise and assertive.

Assessment of your idea
An initial meeting with a Technology Transfer Specialist is recommended.  Some of the aspects to have ready for this initial meeting include:

  • Idea description.
  • Brief summary of the idea.
  • Target/potential customers for this invention.
  • Novelty of the idea, direct and indirect competitors.
  • Team members to develop this venture with.
  • Possible source of funding.

Contact a Technology Transfer Specialist