Transformational partnerships 
Initiative to increase the amount of collaborative research with industry.  Unique to Manitoba, this initiative fosters collaborative research by allowing businesses to be assigned arising intellectual property created during research collaborations in exchange for future royalties once products or services enter the market.

TTO & the Stu Clark Centre for Entrepreneurship
First time collaboration by presenting early stage technologies to an MBA class at the University of Manitoba’s


Vision to Venture
Launched in conjunction with Winnipeg’s startup community.  This event brings Winnipeg’s top entrepreneurs in contact with local scientists and product developers who are showcasing patent-pending technologies awaiting financial investment to get them to market.

Exigence Technologies™
Created as the result of the collaboration with the Stu Clark Centre for Entrepreneurship



Game Changer 
In conjunction with the Stu Clarke Centre for Entrepreneurship, TTO launched the Game Changer Competition. Designed to increase the amount of  entrepreneurial activity across the University by  problems identification and figuring out their solution. Intended to be an annual competition & will expand to include other Manitoba post-secondary institutions.

Western Canada Innovation Offices Initiative (WCIO)
TTO was the lead institution for WCIO. WCIO is a consortium of 35 Western Canadian institutions (universities, colleges, polytechnics) that actively pursue precompetitive partnerships with industry through industry-defined challenges and opportunities, focusing specifically on the energy sector.