How can TTO Help Inventors

Within this context, the term “inventors” refers to the following:

  • U of M undergrad and graduate students
  • U of M researchers, associate professors, professors, research associates, postdocs
  • U of M technicians

that have discovered a technology/invention with commercial potential.

TTO can help U of M inventors by:

  • Assessing your invention(s) for commercial potential.
  • Protecting the intellectual property (IP) of your invention(s), where appropriate.
  • Finding potential collaborations (research and industry partners, as well as possible funding).
  • Ensuring commercial partnerships in where your and the University’s interests are ensured.
  • Helping to grow your research program.

Inventors are encouraged to contact TTO when discovering an invention with commercial potential and to maintain confidentiality of the invention.

Any public display or disclosure of the results or process of the invention compromise its confidentiality.

The University has a joint ownership of the IP (see IP policy).

TTO can help you partnering with industry by:

  • Ensuring your IP interests are protected before disclosing it.
  • Finding potential collaborators for your project as described in the Invention Disclosure Form (IDF). (doc)
  • Creating new partnerships.

TTO can help you finding support for your research by:

Contact a Technology Transfer Specialist