Hot Off The Presses 2018

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Building Resistance: Children,
Tuberculosis, and the
Toronto Sanatorium
McGill Queen University Press, 2018
Stacie Burke
Rencontre des imaginaires,
imaginaires transculturels
au Canada et dans les Amériques

Presses universitaires de
Saint-Boniface, 2018
Irène Chassaing, Editor, et al
French, Spanish, and Italian
Granville Sharp and the
Zong Massacre: Sharp’s
Uncovered Letter to the
British Admiralty

Palgrave, 2018
Michelle Faubert
English, Theatre, Film & Media
Untold Stories: A Canadian
Disability History Reader

Canadian Scholars' Press Inc., 2018
Nancy Hansen
Disability Studies
Translating Training into Leadership
Momentum Press, 2018
Andrea Piotrowski
Clinical Health Psychology
Nominal Contact in Michif
Oxford University Press, 2018
Nicole Rosen, et al
Engaging Classical Texts in the
Contemporary World: From
Narratology to Reception

University of Michigan Press, 2018
Mike Sampson, Editor, et al,
A Land So Wild
Carnation Books, 2018
Elyssa Warkentin

Short Stories by Marie Belloc Lowndes:
A Monstrous Regiment of Women

Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018
Elyssa Warkentin, Editor
Coming Back to Jail Women, Trauma,
and Criminalization
Ferwood Publishing, 2018
Elizabeth Comack
Alberto Kurapel: Teatro-Performance,
Alteridad y Memoria
Editorial Cuarto Propio, 2018
Fernando de Toro
English, Theatre, Film & Media
The Once and Future Muse The Poetry
and Poetics of Rhina P. Espaillat

University of Pittsburgh Press, 2018
Nancy Kang
Women's Studies
Ethnicity, Gender, and Diversity:
Law and Justice on TV

Lexington Books, 2018
Jennifer Schulz