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Poster Competition FAQ's


The Poster Competition is open to all University of Manitoba undergraduate students who:

  • Are enrolled at the University of Manitoba as an undergraduate student
  • Have a University of Manitoba advisor
  • Are on track to get a University of Manitoba Undergraduate Degree

NOTE:  Students who graduated in May 2019 are eligible as long as the work on the poster was completed while they were Undergraduate students.

The Undergraduate Research Poster Competition is a recognised University of Manitoba Co-Curricular Record activity and all participants will be recognized.

I am now in a Master’s program at the University of Manitoba. Can I submit a poster I completed before I graduated?

YES.  As long as you were a University of Manitoba undergraduate student and the poster was completed on/before you graduated in May, 2019.

I am a University of Manitoba student doing research at another university – am I still eligible to participate in the competition?


I have an exam on the day of the event.  Do I need to stay for the whole time during the competition?

NO.  The poster should be self-explanatory and you will not be deducted any points for not being at your poster.  You are, however, expected to collect your poster after 4:30pm the day of the event.

Could I submit a poster for a project that isn't completed yet?

YES. We don’t want to discourage you, so if you are comfortable entering the competition with uncompleted work, we will accept the poster.

I did a project this summer with a company where I worked. Could I present the research work I did with them at this competition?

YES.  As long as you are currently enrolled as an Undergraduate student and you have a University of Manitoba advisor, we will accept the poster.

This summer I participated in a project with many people working on it.  Should my poster demonstrate the entirety of the project or just my contribution as a research assistant?

Preferably, you should be the first author of the research on the poster.  A disclaimer is highly recommended.   You need to be able to identify your role in the context of the larger project.  Also, you   must contact the others involved for their permission should you present the entirety of the project. 

My research partner and I were thinking of submitting our poster in the competition.  Can we submit one poster under our names since we are both authors on it?

NO. We accept only one poster author per entry. We do not accept group submissions nor will other authors be considered as participants in the Poster Competition.   Multiple authored projects should be submitted individually to be credited with participation in the Poster Competition.

Am I required to speak briefly about my poster?  Should I prepare a speech or will the presentation of the poster be more of a conversation with the judges?

NO.  You are not required to prepare a speech.   Your poster will be graded on the official judging criteria.  The judges may ask you questions in conversation, but this will not influence the grading in anyway.

Will I be evaluated based on my ability to communicate my research and findings or are the evaluations based on the content of my poster?

NO.  You will not be evaluated on your ability to communicate.  The poster should be self-explanatory in presenting your research and findings.  The judges will not deduct points if you are not able to be there in person.

Will I be given a set appointment time to present the highlights of my poster to the judges?

NO.  There is no specific time frame or appointments for judging.  The judging takes place between 1:00-3:00pm inclusive.  The judges will have up to five posters each to evaluate.  Judges may have 15-20 minutes for each poster.

How do I know which category my poster will fall under?

You should check with your research advisor.

What are the poster board dimensions?

You will be assigned a 4'H X 8'W Poster Board on which to display your research, scholarly work or creative activity.  Please note that you will need a 4"H X 11"W space in the upper right hand corner for the poster board number identifying your project.  Other than that, the space is yours.  

When do I set up my poster?

Your poster can be set up between 11:00am and 12:30pm on October 24, 2019 in the Multipurpose Room, in University Centre.  You will need to check in at the registration desk upon arrival and we will give you directions as to where you are to set up your poster.  Judging will begin at 1:00pm.

Where can I have my poster printed?

There are two locations on the Fort Garry Campus that can accommodate large format printing.

CADLab - Wide Format Printing
Room 124, (basement level of the Architecture II building)
Phone: 204-474-7482

UMSU Digital Copying Centre
Phone: 204-474-6533

Can I bring a Laptop or Tablet to play media?

Electronic materials are not allowed and we do not provide electrical hook ups.

What is the deadline for registrations?

Friday October 11, 2019, by 4:00pm

Is there is a way I could arrange to drop off my poster prior to the event to be set up and displayed for me?

NO.  As the applicant, this is your responsibility.  You can find a friend or colleague who could help you with this process. 

I have an exam that day and won’t be around to take down my poster – what do I do?

Any posters not removed by the end of the competition will be held for a three month period – then discarded.  Please contact Fred Munson to arrange pick up.

If you have questions or for more information contact:

Fred Munson
Event/Web Assistant
Office of the Vice-President
(Research and International)